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CMA report for bank loan

Generate your report in less than 10 mins

Convince your banker about the borrowing capacity of your entity with a Credit Monitoring Arrangement report.

Do it yourself in less than 10 minutes

Do it yourself in less than 10 mins.

Ten minutes is all it takes, you can have unlimited edits and downloads too.

The financial history of the business

Furnish details for the past and existing credit & loans on the entity. Disclose the current fund & non-fund based liabilities.

The current financial position

Present the operating statement, profit & loss account, balance sheet, audit reports, and other significant revenue and analysis statements.

The future objectives of the company

Prepare the working capital changes & ratio analysis, and calculate the Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF).

You don’t have to do any of these!

Finline can do the heavy lifting to prepare the CMA report for your business in a few clicks, with an easy to use interface.

CMA project report. Everything you need to know about it:

Understanding your creditworthiness is key to creating a compelling CMA report. A bank or any lending institution will assess risks involved before lending any business any money. And therefore it is your CMA report that should convince the lender that you are creditworthy.

About CMA Reports

When you apply for a bank loan for your business the lender has the right to decide whether or not the applicant is a good risk to invest in. A CMA (Credit Monitoring Arrangement) report shows your business’s projected performance and its past performance in monetary terms.

A CMA report is what existing businesses seeking loan, to expand their business, submit to financial institutions. Startups on the other hand need only to submit a project report.

  • Financial history of your business
  • Financial history of your business
  • Future expansion and economic feasibility

While it is a document to help the lender or bank determine your creditworthiness, Doing It Yourself (DIY) will be of great benefit to you. Understanding and managing your CMA yourself can help you make sounder financial decisions, assessing any risks involved. You’ll see why the importance of planning ahead is an iterated expression.

The bank needs to be certain that your business has the potential and competence to pay back the loan availed to you. For this the lender scrutinises the flow and use of money in your business, in great detail. Therefore, when submitting your loan application and CMA report if you fail to furnish any of the data the lender considers important, then the chances of rejecting your application is highly likely and rejection/s would then adversely affect your CIBIL score.

Preparing a CMA report that enhances your chances of getting a loan is very important but could seem nerve-racking. It could prove to be a cumbersome and time-consuming activity. But Finline’s DIY CMA report cuts out all the fuss involved and guides you straight to the crux of the matter. To avoid rejections and for a professionally prepared CMA report Finline is the most competitive partner in the market now. Finline holds your hand at every step of the way.

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