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The project report for flex printing / digital press is as follows. Flex printing is a form of outdoor advertising. Most banners are now digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full-color outdoor billboard on a single piece of material. The flex and banner market in India is growing rapidly nowadays. Additionally, the item is the most popular tool for any type of outdoor and as well indoor advertising. We can see a growing demand in almost every city including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. Some of the most potential consumers are regional and national political parties. They use banners in almost every program and rally. Additionally, companies operating in several industries use banners for various purposes. 

Apart from digital signage, flex is the only instrument for outdoor media advertising. Furthermore, every school, educational institution, and sports organization uses flex banners in almost every event. Additionally, there is a good domestic market also. Nowadays, people use flex banners in events including birthday parties or social gatherings. Therefore, the flex printing business has the potential market for new entrepreneurs.


Vinyl banners have many uses and applications. They are most often used to promote a company's logo, a special promotion, event, team, or school. Since vinyl is a very flexible as well as portable material you can see vinyl banners just about anywhere. Vinyl banners are commonly seen as billboards, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners, festival banners, as well as stadium flags.

A quality vinyl banner will also use an outside hem to ensure that Grommets are secured properly. Grommets are the nickel holes that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the side of buildings. In windy conditions, if Grommets are not fastened into the hem of a vinyl banner, these grommet holes will easily tear out of the banner. Banner hem tapes are also used as decorative trim and to prevent delamination and lifting of vinyl hems.

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Product / Services & process

The products are:

  1. Printed Flex/ Vinyl

  2. Printed Flex/ Vinyl

  3. Printed BackLid Flex/ Vinyl

  4. Printed Front Lid Flex/ Vinyl

  5. Visiting Cards

  6. Books 

  7.  Magazines

  8. Posters ets


Production Process

Good quality raw materials purchased from wholesale dealers, and the following processes are carried out to get the final products:

  1. Designing of Printing Matter on Computer

  2. Proof sampling Verification by customer

  3. Printing

  4. Drying / Cooling

  5. Rolling

  6. Packing  to make it ready for marketing.

Raw materials / Consumables

The most commonly used material is heavy-weight vinyl technically known as PVC. The weights of the different banner substrates range from as light as 9 ounces to as heavy as 22 ounces per square yard (900gsm), and maybe double- or single-sided. Grommets (eyelets) can also be added to facilitate the hanging of the banner. A high-frequency weld, stitching, or banner hem tape is also used to fasten the hems neatly and provide the insertion of grommets/eyelets. Large banners (which can be so large that they cover the side of a building) are usually printed on a special mesh PVC material so that some wind can pass through them.

Plant & Machinery / Equipments

The details of plant and machinery are enlisted in the economics of the project. They include Pulvariser, Seive Vibrator, Roaster, Drier, Vessels etc.The proposed machinery are identified with utmost care from reputed machinery makers.


Name of Machine/ Equipment

Manufacturer/ Supplier

Rate (in Rs.)


Total Amt



Flex / Vinyl Printing Machine  Konika Minolta / Picojet 450000 1 450000  


Power Backup / Inverter + Battery Exide ETC 85000 1 85000  



Market potential & Strategy

The market potential is mainly determined by evaluating certain elements. One of the most important ones is the market size- as the proposed venture is a Printing Industry. The main target business will be Shops, so segmentation based on the demography which includes age, socio-economic class, and lifestyle is relevant. Its clear that there is a huge population of youngsters who can turn to be potential customers for the business, along with that increasing number of industries and business hubs are very promising. The size of the market seems promising for Flex Printing and Vinyl Printing.

As far as market growth is concerned the market growth is visible, per capita spending of people is more especially due to increasing income of vast middle class, business generating revenue and NRI money, so the spending pattern and style of people are important for a business like Print Industry, so due to lifestyle changes and increase in income, people are spending more on Advertisement, which makes the market a growing one along with the positive changes happening in the film industry in the form of an increase in the number of Business. Analyzing the competition is another element, as the proposed entrepreneur is already an experienced Printer, the image and goodwill he created throughout these years through his good works will sure help to compact with the existing competition, a good name in the Print industry as an established designer will not only help in developing new clients in the Print industry but also will give a USP.

As far as Service offered is concerned - quality with novelty will be monitored thoroughly, the satisfied customers will be the main brand ambassador for the business like Print Industry, the word of mouth publicity plays a very important role in the success of a business like this, so every customer will be given importance, and giving service and product as per their demand and delivering the service on time at right quality in novelty will be the strategy to follow, along with that as far as movie poster designing is concerned new innovative and new way of thinking of designing posters will be implemented as per the demand of the clients, along with that planning to position this Press as a professional for advertising work hub also is on the plan. so when evaluating all these aspects it's very visible that a huge market potential exists and by giving quality and innovative works will help to withstand competition and for new customer acquisition. 

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