The government of Assam launched Swami Vivekananda Assam Youth Empowerment (SVAYEM) Yojana in the year 2017. Under the SVAYEM scheme, the government provides monetary support to Assam’s young people to take up revenue activities in the trade, manufacturing, and service sectors. SVAYEM’s main vision is to develop job opportunities for young people through the establishment of new enterprises and the growth of existing business units.

Highlights of the SVAYEM Scheme:
  • The SVAYEM scheme would boost the income level of traditional artisans of Assam by providing financial credits to the eligible applicants. 
  • SVAYEM provides financial assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises in Assam. However, the MSME should be engaged in the manufacturing, trading, and services sector.
  • The scheme targets to generate employment for the eligible youth in rural and urban areas of Assam through the setting up of new ventures and growing existing ventures. 
  • Manufacturing, Trading, Processing, Rural Transport Service such as Auto Rickshaw, e-Rickshaw, Service Sector, Tourism, Shops, repairing Centres, Handicraft, Cottage Industry units are eligible for the SVAYEM scheme. 
  • About 1 lakh youths in Assam will be provided adequate financial support for taking up income-generating enterprises.
What are the Eligibility Criteria for SVAYEM Scheme?
  • The age of the applicant must be above 18 years.
  • The applicant must have no source of income to avail benefit of this SVAYEM scheme.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Assam
  • Every applicant must have relevant skill, experience, and knowledge to undertake the income-generating activities, under the scheme. 
  • The education qualification of the applicant should be at least above class VII. 
  • The applicant who has already completed Skill Development Training will be given more preference.
  • The applicant should not be a defaulter in any bank of the country. 
What are the Documents Needed for SVAYEM Scheme?
  • SVAYAM Application Form
  • Project Report/Business Plan
  • Identity Proof of the applicant.  
  • Certificate of Class 7th qualification. 
  • Age Proof of the applicant. 
  • Skill Development/Trainee certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of business license
  • Proof of residence. 
  • Copy of business registration certificate
  • Ownership identity documents
  • Certificate of experience, if any. 
How to apply for SVAYEM Scheme?

Visit the following website to know more about the application form to avail benefits under the SVAYEM scheme