What is the ideal format for a project report? The format for the project report is very simple- just explain all aspects of your business.

Creating a project report is a very difficult task for all entrepreneurs. A project report -also known as a Business plan is an important document when going for a bank loan. Most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult to create a project report of their own, that’s why Finline came into the picture as you don’t need financial knowledge in creating the project report in Finline. Just enter a few details and our software will generate a detailed report for you with all financial projections and as per Bank format. 

A good project report may contain the following details. You can use our sample report for having a better understanding click here to see the sample report.

A perfect project report format consists of:

  1. Introductory Page – The potential, need, possibility, fund needed, etc
  2. Scope of the project– It will be a snapshot of the whole activity that you are going to do
  3. Details about the Promoters– their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
  4. Product /services – What is your offering to the public
  5. Location details – Where you are going to start the unit, its specialty, etc
  6. Plant & machinery details – Details of your plant and machinery used
  7. Raw materials (if any) – Details of raw material used
  8. Market potential and marketing strategy – How big is your market?, How you are planning to sell the product
  9. Employees details –details of employees, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
  10. Project cost – Total money (including your share) for building your project
  11. Application of fund – How you allocate funds in your project
  12. Means of Financing – From where you source the fund
  13. Balance Sheet
  14. Profit and Loss Statements
  15. cash Flow Statement
  16. general Ratios
  17. Break-Even Point Evaluations
  18. Conclusions

Instead of creating all the details in the given project report format, you can use Finline as an easy way to create the report. Our report is approved by all banks in India.