HDFC Bank Business Loan

HDFC Bank Business loan helps offers business loans to help you develop your own business anywhere in India, be it large-scale ventures or small-scale firms.  Funds are the lifeline of every business. From running day-to-day operations, paying employees, miscellaneous expenses, buying [...]

ICICI Bank Business Loan

ICICI Bank Business loan is one way to fund your business requirements. Funds are the most important to run a business. Furthermore, timely finance makes the most of business opportunities for SMEs. The bank is a popular private sector [...]

PNB Business Loan

With effect from 1 April 2021, United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce have been merged with Punjab National Bank. Punjab National Bank (PNB), provides business loans to startups, entrepreneurs, as well as self-employed professionals. They intend [...]

Axis Bank Business Loan

Axis Bank offers collateral-free EMI-based Business Loans for professionals or entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. Now Chartered Accountants, Engineers, or Doctors can apply for a business loan online. You can take your business to greater heights [...]

Andhra Bank Business Loan 

Many people will have the dream of starting their own business or if one already has a business to expand it and build it into something better. MSMEs or MNCs everyone will require funds at one point of time [...]

SBI Business Loan

Any person aspiring to start a business or any individual who wants to expand their business requires funds. Individuals and entrepreneurs take loans at a previously agreed rate of interest. SBI offers loans to self-employed and businessmen for financing [...]

HDFC Bank Business Loan

HDFC Bank promotes business loans to develop your own business anywhere in India, be it large-scale ventures or small-scale firms. These schemes are made for people requiring funds to operate the business. HDFC Business loans are free of collateral. [...]

Which Business Expenses to beTrack?

If you are just commencing your business or if you are looking to expand soon, you need to track your business expenses. Tracking business expenses will help you minimize your taxable income, but it will also help you control [...]

What is Overdraft Account?

An overdraft facility allows customers to withdraw money from their accounts. It works like an approved loan where the interest is charged only on the amount used. It can be used to resolve short-term cash flow issues.   It is [...]

How to Track Business Expenses?

The first step to doing so is separating your business expenses from your personal expenses. This will help you understand how much you’re spending as a small business owner. Thus managing your expenses will increase profitability. Many small business [...]

How to Set Business Management Standards?

There are endless reasons that contribute to the low success rates of new startups. One of them is neglecting to set up proper business management standards. Executing business standards inspires confidence in your business. It can also help retain [...]

Priority for MSMEs in Post-COVID

According to the Annual Report of the Department of MSME published in September 2019, there are 6.34 crore MSMEs in India. The COVID pandemic has left an enduring impact on the economy. Global supply chains are affected, imports and [...]

What Is an Expense Report?

An Expense Report is a form that is used to record business expenses. The employees report various business expenses incurred by them out of their pockets. It includes any purchases that are necessary to run a business, such as [...]

How to Measure Small Business Performance?

As an entrepreneur, you need to regularly measure your business performance. Business is inconstant, you can count on that everything continuously changes. So, how do you measure small business performance? Measuring Business Performance Here are just a few plans [...]

Which loan scheme is best for business?

The requirement for funds varies for each business. As per the type of business, the scale of operation, repayment capability, amount of fund required may change. Business entity faces a lot of difficulties to get the right kind of [...]

How do I write a Project Proposal?

If you want to get the money from the bank for accomplishing your business requirements, the first step towards getting the loan is writing a project proposal for a bank loan. When you plan a project proposal to get [...]

Bill Discounting or Invoice Discounting

Bill discounting or invoice discounting is a method of sourcing working capital from future payables. Furthermore, the bill of exchange to the financial institution recovers the number of sales before it gets matured. Bill discounting is a major trade [...]

Cash Credit Loan

A cash credit loan is a type of working capital loan for a company to meet its working capital requirements. The money can be withdrawn against the hypothecation of stocks and receivables. It can be availed either in form [...]

Point of Sale (POS) System

The POS serves as the central element for your business. A POS is a location where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your shop. Simply put, it’s the center where everything like sales, inventory management, [...]

What is a Line of Credit (LOC)?

A line of credit (LOC) is a preset borrowing limit that borrowers can withdraw at any time. It is an arrangement between a financial institution, usually a bank, and a client. The borrower can get money out as required [...]

What is a Letter of Credit?

A letter of credit, or "credit letter" is a letter from a bank guaranteeing payment. They can provide security to a seller that will be received on time and for the correct amount. If the buyer is incompetent to [...]

Small Scale Industries India

Small scale industries Inida or SSIs are known as the lifeline of an economy. It is very significant for a country like India. Being a labor-intensive industry still requires small capital. This is very effective in generating job openings.  [...]

What are PSB Loans in 59 minutes?

The Government of India launched a quick business loan portal for individuals who wish to extend their existing business. Under this scheme MSMEs can get loan amount from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 5 Crore in less than 59 [...]

 8 Steps to Starting Online Business

Launching an online business can be an affordable plan to become an entrepreneur. And with the wide variety of e-commerce platforms and channel options, you have more access than ever to get your products and services in front of [...]

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