Investment Opportunities post Covid -19

There has been a significant change in the purchasing patterns and social behavior of the consumers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new social norms like social distancing due to health-related concerns and the lockdown restrictions mandated by the [...]

Loan Syndication Services for Business Loans

Loan Syndication Services generally involves two or more banks, which work collectively to provide credit to a large borrower. Loan syndication happens when a single borrower demands a large loan ($1 million or more) that a single lender may [...]

Machinery/Equipment Loan

Introduction Be it a new enterprise, one that is in its initial stages, or one that is growing at a steady rate, top-of-the-line machinery and equipment are the keys to consistent productivity and better sales. Not only do they [...]

Merchant Cash Advance

As the name implies, Merchant Cash Advance is an upfront cash advance that is received by a merchant in case he or she has temporary business credit needs and does not qualify for a bank loan. Many times, merchants [...]

Mudra Loan Interest Rate

The Government of India has introduced the Mudra loan intending to promote affordable business and entrepreneurship loans. The full-form of Mudra is Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Loans which are provided to small enterprises and non-farm agencies, trading, [...]

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