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With changing lifestyles & preferences of consumers and ever-increasing health hazards owing to the recurrence of viral infections, there has been a growing need for getting instant and active protection against germs. The advantages of the product including easy to carry as it fits perfectly into one's pocket and is to be used without water or soap, and hence it convenient for the consumer to keep hands clean and safe on the go which enhances the demand for hand sanitizer products in the country. New entrants and local brands now dominate India’s sanitizer market that swelled more than fourfold after the novel coronavirus outbreak. The size of the category touched Rs 43 crore in March from Rs 10 crore a year ago, according to Nielsen India, as the highly contagious pathogen spread rapidly despite the world’s strictest lockdown. A total of 152 new manufacturers started making sanitizers in March, commanding 61 percent market and 46 percent value share. While no vaccine is available yet for the new coronavirus, cleaning hands with sanitizers containing at least 60 percent alcohol is considered an effective way to avoid the infection that has spread to more than 3 million people worldwide and over 42,000 in India. The hand sanitizer market has been divided on the basis of product form, applications, and distribution channels. Considering the product type, the market has been sub-segmented into an alcoholic, triclosan, and quaternary ammonia. Of these, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are gaining immense traction given the fact that these are more effective in killing microorganisms present on the surface of hands and palm. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers constitute of nearly 60 percent to 95 percent alcohol along with a combination of ethanol isopropyl, or n-propanol. As per estimates, rubbing alcohol on hands and palms kills different bacteria including TB and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The optimum concentration of alcohol required to kill bacteria in the healthcare industry is somewhere around 70 percent to 95 percent. The Indian hand sanitizer market has been observing tremendous gains lately, owing to the rising COVID-19 cases worldwide. Hand sanitizer is a liquid that is generally used to decrease the presence of infectious agents on hands and palms and is mostly alcohol-based or non-alcohol based. As per estimates, alcohol-based sanitizers carry the ability to kill over 99.9 percent infectious germs while ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the hands. Of various forms of hand sanitizers present in the market including foam sanitizers, gel, wipes, and spray ones, market players have been massively opting for gel-based sanitizers. These sanitizers are generally used in restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, households, and several other places. Moreover, most of the industrial conglomerates have been offering foam sanitizers coupled with gel sanitizers to kill most of the germs and leave a feeling of softness for the hands.

Market potential & Strategy

At the current scenario with the outbreak of number of infectious disease the hand sanitize market is at the booming era which had inculcated a sense of awareness among the consumers for keeping themselves sanitized. This report provides with the detailed analysis of hand sanitizer products and its functioning with historical and forecasted value as well as volume along with top-performing companies profiled in the report. There have been the presence of hand sanitizer products in the market since long in the market, Indian consumers are not used to consume hand sanitizer on a regular basis. During the swine flu, SARS epidemic, and COVID-19 (coronavirus), the hand sanitizer products came into the forefront where people became health conscious.Now the habit s going to change and every individual may carry a sanitizer with them all the time. This shows the potential of the market and the huge demand for the product.The Indian hand sanitizer market is bifurcated in three forms such as liquid, gel & others (foam). These products are then submerged in two forms such as alcohol and non-alcohol sanitizers out of which the former has the highest portion in the market. However due to some drawbacks observed in alcohol-based sanitizer on the basis of its usability. The government's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and various campaigns by major companies to wash hands to get rid from the infectants is also making people turn to sanitizers for keeping the hand germ-free. Railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, schools and colleges are where they are purchased extensively even though major sales outlets remain chemists and grocery stores. The availability, affordability , size and smells makes the matrix of the product success. As it needs to be very handy and affordable and its available every where, then definitely people will buy the product irrespective of the brand. Door to door sales also has huge potential for this product in the future.



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