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India cleaning chemicals market stood at $ 2,998 million in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 15% in value terms to reach $ 9,655 million by the end of 2026, on the account of increasing incidence of various infections, rapid urbanization, coupled with the growing number of new commercial setups and increasingly stringent safety standards. Additionally, setting up of new healthcare setups, rising disposable income, and launch of new and innovative cleaning chemicals are propelling the market for cleaning chemicals in India. Post-COVID the demand for personal as well as home-based cleaning products. The household cleaning industry in India is highly unorganized and the size of the unorganized sector is more than double of organized one. Liquid toilet cleaners are popular in the Indian market because of low unit prices and age-old preference of consumers. Toilet in-cisterns and rim blocks are growing very fast due to their enhanced cleaning methods and easy to use advantages. Household cleaning products are largely sold through modern retail stores like supermarkets, hypermarkets, and malls. Traditional grocery stores are reluctant to store them on their shelves because of their high price and low probability of selling. Liquid household products have a huge presence in the household segment weather it is toilet cleaners, utensil cleaners, or surface cleaners. These cleaning products dominate each cleaning segment of our house and the market has grown at a significant CAGR of above 26% in the last couple of years. Liquid cleaners are considered to be the perfect substitute for cleaning toilets and have become extremely popular in the last decade. The main reason for such a high presence of liquid cleaners in the market is because of its availability across the country whether it is a rural or urban region. Liquid toilet cleaners have been the pick of the choice for the consumers and have been dominating the segment of the market. Whereas consumers have been observed switching from bar utensil cleaners to liquid utensil cleaners due to the ability to provide a better result without any wastage. The surface cleaning segment of the market is segmented to floor cleaners, specialized cleaners, and multi-purpose cleaners. Floor cleaners play a prominent part where along with the use of specialized cleaners that cleans a variety of items such as furniture, electronic appliances, kitchen appliances, etc. Apart from the above given to set of segments multi-purpose products making rapid movement into the market with its ability to perform various tasks with ease.

Market potential & Strategy

As the Make In India initiative continues to take flight, the exponential growth of India’s manufacturing sector will be accompanied by a concomitant increase in the demand for cleaning chemicals and machines, to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene both at the factory and in the products it makes. While this manufacturing boom is taking place across India, there are some hubs that are home to more than one kind of product manufacturing industry, and which should hence be focus areas for the cleaning industry as well. The opportunities in this industry are tremendous and given the right impetus, the household cleaning products are being hugely adopted by the consumers. There has been growing competition among the big players to explore the market and facilitate the consumers with its variety of products. This report helps to understand the segmentation that the Indian household cleaning market provides along with its historical and forecasted values, various ongoing market trends, top performing players and their brands.The household cleaning market in India is mainly split into three broad categories viz. utensil cleaners, toilet cleaners, and surface cleaners. Utensil cleaners are further split into dishwashing bar, liquid, powder, and pastes. Utensil cleaner poses a prominent position in the household cleaning market with the presence of vastly adapted products like a bar as it attracts the consumers with its price flexibility. Mode of sales plays a huge role in letting the market grow as the utensil cleaning products are vastly available at a low price and its presence in the local stores. Toilet cleaners consist of liquid cleaners, in-cisterns & rim blocks. From the overall market, toilet cleaner products have shown the fastest adaption and clocking the revenue of over 1600 Crore clocking a CAGR of around 28% in the last five years. This market has been vastly supported by the rapid growth of liquid toilet cleaners. Lastly, the surface cleaners are split into floor cleaner, specialized and multipurpose cleaners. The specialized cleaners are further split, based on their application areas such as glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners. The market has seen a lot many innovations in the last couple of years some of them are disinfectant wipes, disinfectant aerosol sprays, toilet bowl cleaning tablets, toilet discs, toilet strips, etc. Right distribution strategy, pricing is key. Also, the product innovation is very much needed to compete with the organised players. The vocal for local is also a helpful situation for desi players.

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