Click edit button to change this text.CMA report also is known as Credit Monitoring Arrangement report is the report showing the projected performance and the past performance of a business in financial terms for obtaining a bank loan. It is compiled with all the required financial ratios and metrics to help bankers to obtain the financial health of a business. Most of the Banking and Financial Institution request the entrepreneur to submit the CMA report to understand the flow and application of funds in the business. Most banks require loan applicants to prepare such reports in order to observe whether the capital required could be used for growth and eventual repayment of the same. A better CMA report will improve the chance of getting a loan. Finline helps you create the report professionally and easily . A banker / analyst can easily interpret the datas and ratios in the report and thus by reach into a conclusion of the health of the business unit. Preparing a CMA report is a tiresome job and need extra professionalism and care, so a normally entrepreneur feel it very difficult to prepare. Through finline its very easy and don’t need to put your head on this as all the difficult calculations, ratios adjustments etc will be done by our intelligent software. Finline is the best tool for CMA data report to obtain bank loan.

The CMA report includes the following statements:

Operating Statement
This indicates the borrower’s business plan showing the Current Sales, profit before & after tax, sales projections, direct & indirect expenses, and profit position for 3 to 5 years.
Analysis of Balancesheet
This statement contains an analysis of the current & projected financial years. It helps in providing a comprehensive analysis of current & non-current assets, current & non-current liabilities and cash & bank position of the borrower. This statement also specifies the net worth position of the borrower for the future projected years.
Comparative statement of current asset and current liability
This analysis helps to decide the capacity of the borrower to meet the working capital requirements and the actual working capital cycle for the projected period.
Calculation of ABF/MPBF
This includes a calculation which indicates the Asset Based Finance and Maximum Permissible Bank Finance. It shows the borrower’s capacity to borrow money.
Cashflow statement
The main objective of this statement is to capture the movement of the fund for the given period.
This indicates the financial strength of the unit at different parameters