During this pandemic time, many of my friends who were from the startup community were so doubtful about getting fundings and approaching the right investor. Iam writing this article to those who are looking for their first check.

We at finline helps entrepreneurs and professionals to create financial documents for getting bank loan and funding. Any non-financial entrepreneur can simply create the business plan or financial plan using our easy to do online tool and the software will analyse the report automatically and provide suggestions based on the outcome. No expertise in finance or accounts need to operate Finline . Finline helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to create beautiful financial reports and thus by getting bank loans easily.

How we met ?

We got introduced to 100x through KSUM (Kerala Startup Mission) . We were so attracted by their approach for enabling young entrepreneurs to bypass the prolonged documentation and tedious paperwork so that they are able to cut to the chase with their business is truly a boon. We thought is a great opportunity for early-stage start-ups across all industries looking for their first round of funding. We made our pitch ( a very complex presentation with lot of unwanted areas – when we look back on that) . They listened to us carefully and corrected our mistakes over the pitch and makes us more confident during the session. Their approach wee truly professional and they do respect each other’s time. After couple of discussions, we were selected to the first cohort of 100x.

Begining of transformation

When we went to Mumbai for the first Cohort, and we thought the 14 days are for agreement signing and the final pitch day. But things were so different. We met the best 20 startups handpicked by 100x and the experience, approach of each one were truly amazing. We did a lot of mistakes during our journey and learning is truly an expensive one if you learn from your mistakes. The first session was with Mr Sanjay Mehta a truly smart investor . Sanjay knows what exactly needed for each startup and also the potential of each one. He is such an experienced investor who know what are the common mistakes for an early stage startup and our sessions were planned to overcome such details.

We got tremendous opportunity to met many veterans in the industry through 100x. Specifically when comes to fintech we got advice from the top executives from banks and many CFOs. Those who shared their experience and advice even till date made us a lot to overcome the COVID crisis effectively.

We got the right guidance and multiple opportunities to meet VCs and investors across the table and through online .100x seasoned our pitching and approaches towards investors. Stood with us on the COVID time and advised us of the strategies to be used to make the crisis as an opportunity. Now we realised the importance of selecting the first investor. You should be very cautious about that as the early stage is your first stepping stone towards the big leap and we are sure we are with the right investment team – 100x

The most beautiful part of the journey is the community that we build with the other cofounders. Its like a family -an extended team on a phone call away. Most of them were experts in their respective fields. Missing those beautiful days we spend together from early morning to late nights on discussions, debates and parties.