The following are the Best Low-cost Business Ideas that you can start in India:

  1. Food truck

    The food truck is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India. Food trucks offer the potential to those looking to get into the low-cost-high-returns business. Considering their growing appeal among the urban masses today. As the retail cost is increasing, this is a highly profitable business.

    2. Tour guide

    This is a no-investment service where you only need to spend your quality time to start earning. Can focus on school trips, college trips, tourist-travels can ask you to not only make all the arrangements for the trip but also guide them through it, as the leader of the pack. Since the entire business can be carried through the internet, there is no other starting cost that you need to worry about, other than perhaps maintaining a travel-guide website for your potential clients.

    3. Mobile recharge shop

    Even with online recharge, in India, most mobile users prefer visiting a recharge shop to fill their balance. So those looking to practice this business can start by renting a space in a small local shop. This rent will be the primary (monthly) expenditure. You also need to form ties with the network providers of the area, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc., and pen down their commission rates, where they will receive a cut of your profits from the sale of the commodities taken from them. If you start with a low rental option, then your profit will be on the higher side.

    4. Tuition center

    This is possibly one of the most cost-effective businesses to launch, due to its near-zero starting cost requirement. Most tuition teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. The only effort you need to put in as a tuition teacher is to take to advertise yourself on social media or go the old-school way with flyers and ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations.

    5. Tailoring unit

    As the population increase, the demand for crafted and customized dress is a need of the hour. You can very easily start the tailoring unit with very little investment. If you start the service in your home, the cost of the machine will be only considered and that too will be less than Rs 10 thousand/-

    6. Online bakery

    If you are a cook or crazy about cooking? then you can start a very low-investment home-based bakery and you can sell the product through online delivery apps like Swiggy, zomato, and Uber Eats.

    7. Vlogging (Youtube channel)

    YouTube is a hotspot for creative and talented individuals looking for great returns with little monetary investment. YouTube allows its users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. It even pays some YouTubers whose channels are popular.

    8. Event or Wedding Management

    Event managers barely spend any time in the office. They are best at networking and managing, checking out the hundreds of venues, meeting sponsors, scheduling performances, and being on the field 24/7. On that basis, their demand revolves around their brand image and popularity, which can be built with a good online marketing strategy. However, the overall startup cost for building this brand is minimal, if at all priced.

    9. Tea stall

    80% of Indians love tea and sip an average of 3 teas a day, so if you have a small bench or a wayside, you can easily start it. Many truck-based tea vendors are also coming up. While the tea industry as a whole has done exceptionally well over the decades, the smaller tea stall owners have been reaping the benefits of their overall success. Besides a basic budget for renting a small room or stall for space, the only other investment you need to make is on buying tea from the manufacturers and purchasing makeshift benches and tables.

    10. Dance/ Music school

    The only investment that those looking to run dance or music schools have to carry out is in rental space. Besides this, the business runs on their skill as an instructor as well as their active presence in respected circuits. As the business grows, it may need to set aside an amount for the salary of an assistant or associate as well, but in the initial stages, the trick is to make sure that enough people are recommending your school to its potential students.


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