Frequently Asked Questions2019-08-13T01:23:47+00:00
Is this project report can be used for Mudra and PMEGP loans?2019-08-13T01:18:18+00:00

Yes , you can use project report from Finline for MUDRA and PMEGP loans

What are the ratios for a Project report for bank loan?2019-08-13T01:17:41+00:00

The main important ratios are DSCR and Current ratio which shows the repayment capacity and liquidity strength of the firm

Can i use the same report for multiple bank or govt: scheme2019-08-13T01:15:04+00:00

Yes you can , as we create report in a general format for identifying the financial feasibility. So you can use it for bank loan and govt scheme.

Do you have any finline branches in Indian cities?2019-08-12T20:29:02+00:00

No we dont have any physical office or branches in anywere in India. We are an online platform and works completly through online.

Do you provide Support for getting a loan from bank ?2019-08-11T04:01:37+00:00

No , we only create project report for bank loan

How can I trust finline ? Where is your location2019-08-11T04:00:53+00:00

Our office is at technopark Trivandrum , and  we have served more than 2500 happy customers till date

How can I contact the customer care ?2019-08-11T03:59:19+00:00

You can contact us instantly with our Live chat option or just send a WhatsApp message to 884-837-7012.

Can I use Phone , tablet to create a project report ?2019-08-11T03:58:28+00:00

Finline is an online platform , you can access finline from laptop, mobile , tablet have ing an internet connection.

Should I install any software to create the software2019-08-11T03:57:34+00:00

No, Finline is an online platform , you can access finline from laptop, mobile , tablet haveing an internet connection

Is my data secure ?2019-08-11T03:56:51+00:00

Yes , absolutely , we do not share any of your data

Can I change the layout of the report by myself ?2019-08-11T03:55:55+00:00

You can change cover image of the report dynamically.

Can I add content and Images to my report ?2019-08-11T03:54:55+00:00

Yes you can add images and content o the report as you wish

How many pages will be there in project report2019-08-11T03:54:06+00:00

Number of pages basically depend on amount of dat you are adding to the report , Our basic report contain more than 20 pages

Can I use finline for detailed and simple project report ?2019-08-11T03:53:17+00:00

Yes , we have all financial projections and ratios included in our report , also you can add additional images and content to the report

How long it will will take to compete a project report ?2019-08-11T03:52:06+00:00

If you would like to hire our associate to create a report , we can deliver the report in 36 hours .

Can I get an assisted service ?2019-08-11T03:50:37+00:00

You are always welcome to hire one of our customer associate to create a report for you .

Can I edit project report after downloading it ?2019-08-11T03:49:44+00:00

Yes, you can edit it even after dwnloading

How may downloads are possible ?2019-08-13T01:19:55+00:00

You will get unlimited editing and download

What are the advantages in using Finline2019-08-11T03:48:02+00:00
  1. You can create a report by yourself any where any time
  2. You will get unlimited editing and download
  3. 24/7 Customer suport
  4. Easy online payment options
Is finline reports free2019-08-11T03:46:42+00:00

You. could. crate and preview the report for free , But if you need to download the report in PDF format , it will cost you Rs.999. If you need and additional service like hire an expert to create report or content development we might charge some additional amount based complexity of the work

What to do if I need some clarifications while creating a project report?2019-08-11T03:45:27+00:00
  1. You could always get the support of customer care executive to complete your report for free. please youse our Live chat or send a whatsapp message to 884-837-7012
Can I create a project report by myself with finline2019-08-11T03:22:53+00:00

Yes you can create a detailed project report in 4 easy steps .You could always get the support of customer care executive to complete your report for free.

Project report for bank loan need to get signed/stamped by a CA?2019-08-11T03:21:57+00:00

No, Project report is the document which should be created and sumited by the entrepreneur. This document is the plan or future data , so no need of any sort of attestation or sign from CA.

What is project report for bank loan?2019-08-11T03:19:55+00:00

Project report is a techno- economical feasibility report bank needs from an entrepreneur to understand his/her vision, business model and based on this  the technical and economical feasibility of the project. Bank assess this document while finalising the loan.

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