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Best low-cost business idea for India

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1) Food truck Food truck is one of the fast-growing business in India. Food trucks offer the potential to those looking to get into the low-cost-high-returns business, considering their growing appeal among the urban masses today. As the [...]

Types of business loans in India

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The business loan is a type of financial assistance one can avail to meet various needs of a new or growing business. The lender feels comfortable to offer a business loan to a borrower if the application is [...]

Cibil score for bank loan

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TransUnion CIBIL is a premier credit rating agency among the top four agencies in India. CIBIL has affiliations with almost every other bank in India, estimating the creditworthiness of millions of enterprises and individuals. A great CIBIL score denotes that [...]

How to Improve CIBIL Score

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If you have a low CIBIL score, then don’t think it’s the end of all loans You can improve the score and go for credit. You can improve the score by following the given steps & it takes over [...]

Get up to 1 crore loan as a second installment of MUDRA /PMEGP loan and avail upto 15% subsidy too

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From 2008 onwards the PMEGP loan scheme is there in our country. Those who availed MUDRA loan and PMEGP and also if you are repaying the loan properly, then you are eligible for getting another loan upto 1 crore. Exiting [...]

Project report writing tool for Financial Professionals

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Perfect project report tool for Chartered Accountants,Company Secretary,Tax consultants,Advocates/Attorneys. First online platform  to create project report for bank loan. With Finline professionals can create perfect report with in very short time. The application will help to create company profile, business profile [...]

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