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  Flexible packaging is the most economical method to package and is in high demand in many sectors as it preserves and distributes food, beverages, other consumables, pharmaceuticals and other products that need extended shelf life. Multiple benefits like lightweight, small size, less power, easily disposable and a low-carbon footprint on the environment compared to the rigid plastics, have triggered the shift. Studies have proved that flexible packaging requires much less energy at the stage of manufacturing, transportation, and disposal. One truckload of empty flat pouches is equivalent to ...

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Flexible packaging production is the product of the firm. Flexible packaging is any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed. The basic processes used to manufacture flexible packaging products, including rotogravure printing, flexographic printing, adhesive lamination, extrusion lamination/coating; and finishing/slitting. These processes are then related to the machines used to practice them, emphasising the basics of machines’ control systems, and options to minimize wasted time and materials between production jobs. Raw materials are also considered, including  ...

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Rotogravure (roto or gravure for short) is a type of intaglio printing process, which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier. In gravure printing, the image is engraved onto a cylinder because, like offset printing and flexography, it uses a rotary printing pressLamination Machine - A number of different technologies are available that cover the wide variety of applications in the food and non-food packaging industries. Web lamination is used to improve the barrier properties of the packaging material in order to protect the packaged item and increase its shelf lifeSliting Machine ...

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The Indian Packaging market was valued at 231,542.5 million units in 2017 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% to reach 359,421.9 million units in 2021. Flexible Packaging is the largest packaging type accounting for 159,337.4 million units in 2016, while Rigid Metal is estimated to witness the fastest CAGR of 11.5% during 2016-2021. Strong favorable demographic factors such as increasing disposable income levels, rising consumer awareness and demand for packaged food are expected to drive the growth of the packaging industry in India. Today the key determinants of the packing industry ...

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