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Project report for Wedding card shop is as follows:

There are over 10 million weddings in India every year. There are over 10 million weddings in India every year. Estimated to be worth over $25bn and growing at 30% annually, it's one industry that hasn't seen a slowdown. Half of the nearly 900 tons of gold consumed in India is bought during the wedding season.The big Indian wedding market, often considered recession-proof, is estimated to be around $40-50 billion in size, according to a KPMG report last year. It continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 25-30 % annually. The estimated cost of a luxury wedding could be between Rs 2 crore to Rs 25 crore annually.Creative-minded people know that the possibilities for wedding invitations are seemingly endless – “message in a bottle” scrolls corked with sand in glass bottles, invitations augmented with bejeweled peacock feathers or classically traditional invitations printed in conservative font on thick, handmade paper. But for bridal couples anguishing about how to stand out from the pack when sending out wedding invites, a professional consultant or wedding invitation business is the solution. So starting a business on wedding card is a promising business idea and a good way to succeed.  Spending on wedding is not a new thing in India. But what is changing is, it is getting more organised and professional, thus creating a new set of opportunities and professionals. Wedding photographers, wedding planners, digital media professionals and others are finding new opportunities. If we see the number of marriages happening every year and the money being spent on them, we can easily say that the market will run into thousands of crores. Several new players and start-ups are entering the field, increasing competition, but the market is big, everyone will have scope to grow

Product / Services & process

The firm focuseson manufacturing elegant and stylish wedding cards of different rates. The card market is a small part of the huge wedding market but a very important part. It offers the guests a first look of your wedding and is a necessary tradition.

Market potential & Strategy

Indian wedding market is expected to only grow further and get more organised, presenting opportunities to more new entrepreneurs and start-ups. While there are no verified estimates or studies till now on the exact size of the Indian wedding market, according to inputs from New Age wedding professionals, even by modest estimates, it might be well above Rs 50,000 crore. In India, wedding is an important event for families. While Indians have always spent on weddings, the spending patterns and planning is undergoing a change. Weddings are becoming more creative, personal and trends like destination weddings are here to stay. This gives scope for professionals to plan and manage weddings. As a result, more and more young entrepreneurs are turning to this, and even investors are looking for promising start-ups working in the space. It is estimated that the Indian wedding card markt worth Rs 10,000 crore annual. The industry needs elegant, innovative and stylish cards at different rates.


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