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In India cinema is one of the most popular mean of entertainment, its one of the largest industry in the country where billions of revenue are generated and spent, the history of Indian cinema dated back to  nineteenth century wherein 1896 first film was shown in Mumbai, from then the movie industry and filmmaking had gone through tremendous changes and growth, from black and white era to the latest technological assisted high-resolution definition, a paradigm shift has been happening in the filmmaking format and process, the cinema now become more a technical craft with the great use of ...

Product / Services & process

The use of vfx not only remain with movies, it’s been widely used in all form of visual products, including advertisements, short films, video album, documentaries, serials etc, as we all know the movie and related industries are now on a very growing phase and the best testimony is the increase in number of films made, along with the exposure of internet, and social media, penetration of television even to core remote villages - all these factors really played vital role in the increased demand of visual products like movies to a great level and this increased demand will definitely help in ...

Market potential & Strategy

The market potential is estimated by analysing few elements and prime among them is themarket size - as for a venture like vfx studio the main market lies in the movie industry,India had a total box office gross of US$2.1 billion, third largest in the world. Indian cinema is a global enterprise. it’s a huge and promising one, along with that the related industries like television, advertisement, album making and other visual ventures also came under the market, it makes the size of market much bigger and stronger and demanding. Due to this success history more and more filmmaker’s are ...

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