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The project report for Flatbed digital printer - UV printer is as follows:Flatbed digital printers, also known as flatbed printers or flatbed UV printers, are printers characterized by a flat surface upon which a material is placed to be printed on. Flatbed printers are capable of printing on a wide variety of materials such as photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, etc.). Flatbed digital printers usually use UV curable inks made of acrylic monomers that are then exposed to strong UV-light to cure, or polymerize them. This process allows for ...

Scope of the project

Why UV printing is superior to other forms of printingPrinting is an ancient form of art, and over the years there have been significant improvements on the technology used for printing. Today’s advanced forms of printing include sublimation, laser printing and photo printing as well as UV printing. UV printing can hold numerous advantages over the other forms including: Consistent, speedy prints- By using a UV LED printer for UV printing, consistent and accurate prints are achieved at a very fast rate. The ink cures, or solidifies in only a matter of seconds and so numerous images can be ...

Product / Services & process

Flatbed printing allows us to directly produce high-quality graphics on a variety of different material types and sizes. Materials once impossible for print–such as foamcore, aluminum, acrylic, wood, and even glass—can now be quickly and easily transformed by your design due to the advanced UV curing technology. Additionally, substrates that are too thick or rigid for traditional solvent-based digital print methods can be customized by our printer that can accommodate materials up to 6” thick. Virtually any flat surface (5’x8’ in size) can be personalized to convey your unique message. ...

Raw materials / Consumables

UV LED Substrates Digital Flatbed Printer, The Flatbed printer can be used in the following surfacesSolid Woodsolid wood is an easy printing material if surface is treated smooth by sand paper unless surface has groove facePlywoodplywood has a similar to solid wood to print on the surface, but some needs pretreatment or primer depends on water absorbability like water based pigment or oil based varnish. Be careful with disadvantage of easy bending when printingMDFMDF made of saw dust is the easiest printing material but in case of white or varnish ink, it is recommendable to use primer due to ...

Plant & Machinery / Equipments

Technical SpecificationsPrint head:  8-16Konica Minolta or4-8Spectra Polaris Piezoelectric Print HeadsPrint modes: Standard quality:Konica Minolta  55 sqm/hr(550 Square Feets)    High quality: Konica Minolta  25.8sqm/hr  Technology: Piezoelectric inkjet,UV-curable inks; Ink cartridge colors: CMYK,LC,LM,W,V; Ink types: UV-curable,pigment-based ink;Ink cartridge size: 4liter(CMYK,LC,LM,W,V);Rip software: Photoprint Flora Edition,Onyx(Optional);Color managemet: ICC based color,adjustment curves,density adjustment; File formats: TIFF,JPEG,Postscript,EPS,PDF,etc; Handling: Flatbed,sheet feed,and ...

Market potential & Strategy

Double-Digit Growth Projected for UV Inkjet Printing Market to 2018  . The UV inkjet printed products market sector is forecast to grow 18.3% and reach $15.9 billion by 2018.UV inkjet printing is gathering momentum and growing across the world, according to a new market report from Smithers Pira. The instant curing and durability offers significant technical, economic and environmental advantages for many applications. The Future of UV Inkjet Printing to 2018, a new study from Smithers Pira, provides quantitative market forecasts for the next five years, by region for all major end-use ...

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