Project report for Tea rusk manufacturing


The project report for bread & rusk manufacturing is as follows:

India bread market stood at $ 640.73 million in 2017, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 10.70%, in value terms, during 2018-2023, to reach $ 1024.54 million by 2023.  Market forces and demographic trends are continuously influencing supply and demand, expanding working population and increasing number of health-conscious consumers are aiding India bread market. Moreover, increasing disposable income along with changing lifestyle and awareness regarding the consumption of a balanced and healthy diet to reduce health problems, are some of the other factors expected to propel demand for bread over the next five years. Bread is a staple foodstuff, which is made and eaten in most countries around the world. Bread products have evolved to take many forms, each based on quite different and distinctive characteristics. Over the centuries craft bakers have developed our traditional bread varieties using their accumulated knowledge as to how to make best use of their available raw materials to achieve the desired bread quality. In some countries the nature of bread making has retained its traditional form while in others it has changed dramatically.  The demand of processed and convenience food is increasing constantly due to urbanization , changing life style and food habits of the people. Bakery industry in India is the largest of the food industries with an annual turnover of about Rs. 32000 million and has achieved 3rd position in generating revenue among processed food sector. With over 1.2 billion population and 350 million strong urban middle class and changing food habits, the processed food market is promising a huge potential to be tapped.


Product / Services & process

The firm will produce the food items as given below :

  1. White Bread – Salt  (350g - 400g)

  2. White Bread – Sweet (350g - 400g)

  3. Milk Rusk (175g - 200g)

Production Process 

The following processes are carried out to get the final products:

For Bread: Proper mixing of all ingredients in right proportion as per formula, followed by dividing the dough into required portion and then intermediate proofing is necessary. Thus prepared dough is then subject to molding, panning and followed by final proofing. Properly proofed or fermented dough loaves then baked at required temperature and time period. The baked loaves are then subject de-panning, followed by cooling, slicing and packing or wrapping.

For Rusk: Pre- mixing of ingredients as per formulation to form dough of proper consistency. The dough is then divided and pieces are put into molds for proofing, followed by first baking, then cooling, second baking and again cooling. Then the final product is packed tight for supply.


Raw materials / Consumables

Key ingredients such as Wheat flour, Milk powder, Custard powder, Edible fat, Sugar,Yeast and Salt which are sufficiently available from a nearby wholesale distributor. A variety of raw materials are available in each category. They vary in price, weight, taste, shape, colour, smell, texture, cooking time and contents such as protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Source of raw materials are also different. For each product, specific raw materials or a blend of them are suitable. They are coming from different parts of the country. For eg: Wheat Flour of different varieties are coming from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and different places of our state. This has to be matched with the price and quality of the similar products in the market. It can be procured from distributors or whole sale outlets.

Packing and packing materials play a vital role in the acceptability of the products. Primary packing material is printed BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) cover. The packing material should be safe and food grade, so that the contents should not react with any of the contents of packet in hot or cold conditions. It should perfectly protect the content from wetness, water vapour, atmospheric oxygen, sunlight and from pests. The packing should withstand sufficient stress and pressure during transportation and rough handling. It should be attractive and convey the quality and specialty of the contents inside. There are different types of plastic packaging materials as poly ethane, poly propylene, LDPE, LDPP etc. However we are using premier quality such as BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) . Printed cover can be made available by giving suitable designs to the companies supplying packing materials.


Plant & Machinery / Equipments

The details of plant and machinery are enlisted in the economics of the project. They include Rotary Rack Oven, Kneading Machine, Bread Slicer, Weighing Machine etc.The proposed machinery are identified with utmost care from reputed machinery makers. The manufacturer has been choosen considering various factors like service area feasbility, no of years in business, local manufacturers as key clients etc.  There are other additional equipments which are required in the process of manufacturing and the same is enlisted in detail application of fund.

Rotary Rack Oven has a capacity of producing 162 Loaves in one shift. (One shift = 25 Mins of Baking time) 

Kneading Machine has a capacity of dough output of 50 Kg in one shift. (One shift = 15 Mins of mixing time)

Bread Slicer - Has 32 blade capacity to slice two loaves at one time.



Market potential & Strategy

 The bread product market has been segmented into following categories as a part of detailed strategy to enter the market. 

Market, by Product Type:

  •  White Bread - Sweet
  • White Bread - Salt
  •  Milk Rusk
  • Birthday cakes (Up on individual order)

With in a span of one year, we are planning to add two more varieties of bread, and production will start slowly for packed cakes. Innovative products are under research to launch in future dates. An online platform will be developed as a channel to receive birthday cake orders.

Market, by Sales Channel:

  • Hypermarket/Supermarket
  • Convenience Stores
  • Independent Small Grocers
  • Independent bakers
  • College Hostels/ Hospitals/ Catering services

We are already in talk with couple of Hypermarkets,malls (Milk Rusk supply), Hospitals. Details can be given upon request. 

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