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Web Development and Digital MarketingIn today's competitive world, marketing is crucial for every business. Websites and Digital marketing ensure steady presence in the online world and opens doors to global consumers for any business. People are becoming more and more tech savvy and gadget freaks. The thirst of accessing information online is increasing the number of internet users everyday. With the Digital movement across the globe, India’s economy is also thriving. This happened to be more, by collating the previous efforts with the Make in India and Digital India initiatives, due ...

Scope of the project

Business Website and Digital Marketing.A business website is an integral part of a larger marketing plan. It is therefore important to understand the role it must play. A business website is usually the cornerstone of an online marketing plan, providing a presence for your business. It’s the online equivalent of owning a high street shop or prominent office. On many occasions it is the centre of a business’ universe and is generally the place where other marketing activity is attempting to drive traffic to.Business’ website strategy and how we engage a visitor are the deciding factors in the ...

Product / Services & process

 We provide following services in addition to current services (Translation and Content Development) Web designing and Development : Website is an online platform dedicated to a particular topic, ranging from entertainment to networking. It represents a centrally managed group of web pages, containing text, images and all types of multi-media files. Its main purpose is to display content/offerings for its visitors. Customers find business information and product/service offerings on websites. Wordsmith shall hire qualified web designers and developers to create websites for clients. ...

Market potential & Strategy

 Growing no. of Businesses are looking for sturdy technical support and marketing consultants in order to optimally utilize their marketing budgets. Market scope for web development and digital marketing companies is widening by each passing day as more and more users are turning to internet to access information. We plan to reach out to SMEs and Startups struggling to establish a strong online presence. We intend to achieve this through networking and online local optimization. Details regarding marketing platforms are as enlisted below. Subscribe to local search engine paid plans such ...

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Our products employ expert systems and artificial intelligence technology to create a Knowledge Base of Business Experts. The software products based upon this Knowledge Base provide an evaluation of business conditions and advise the users about situations in their specific business

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