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Now is a great time to attempt to break into India's building materials market. The nation has launched a number of ambitious building schemes in recent months, from 'smart cities' to housing projects, all of which need supplies of cement, ceramics, windows and other construction materials.

This has led to a period of strength for the Indian construction materials market that looks set to grow over the coming months. As such, it is a great time for overseas firms to get involved with this vibrant industry. India is very open to trade and investment from international companies, which could make it a very lucrative option for building materials businesses. Late last year, India's Cabinet moved to relax foreign direct investment rules governing the construction sector, easing restrictions around minimum built-up areas, capital requirement and exit norms. .A hardware store typically sells hand and power tools, building materials, fasteners, keys, locks, hinges, chains, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, cleaning products, housewares, utensils, paint and much more. Make a list of all and mark down those items you can manage to sell if you set up such shop.

Product / Services & process

The hardware shop consist of all building materials ranging from nails to cements and bathroom fittings

Market potential & Strategy

The construction materials industry in India is continuing to grow, becoming more and more lucrative for international companies looking to get involved with this strong market. The recent boost in construction is causing a number of sectors to improve, as epitomised by recent news about the growth of the cement industry. his financial year will see cement production increase by as much as 7.5 per cent, according to the ratings firm's predictions, thanks to increased demand from the construction industry.

Local advertisment, engaging local masionsand plumbers, build a good rapport with them are very crucial.

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