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The project report for Agarbatti - IncenseIndia is a vast country and the Indian people follow various religions, speak different languages and follow different customs and traditions. In spite of this diversity, one thing is common among all Indians is they are all deeply religious and practice their religious activities on daily basis. So depending upon their belief, practice method and convenience, almost all the people use any one or two from agarbatti(incense sticks), candles or Kapoor(camphor tablets). This itself speaks volumes of the paramount importance Agarbatti, candles and ...

Product / Services & process

The firm is planning to produce the following. There are mainly  4 varieties1. Aagarbatti          a) perfumed agarbatti          b) masala agarbatti          c) plain agarbatti          d) mosquito repellent agarbatti Process Outline: There are mainly two types of agarbatties manufactured:a) Dipped varieties or perfumed Agarbatties.b) Masala batties.a) Dipped Agarbatties:Powders of Charcoal, Gigatu, White chips, etc. are mixed with water to a semi-solid paste. This composition is taken to an automatic agarbatti making machine, were bamboo sticks are previously loaded. Then raw sticks are ...

Raw materials / Consumables

 Agarbatti:1. Agarbatti premix powder2. Bamboo sticks3.Perfume4. d.e.p. oil5. Packing sachet6. Boxes 

Market potential & Strategy

Agarbatti, candle and camphor tablets are having a huge demand in the domestic market as well as foreign countries, mainly in the USA and European countries. india supply almost 90% of world countries these products. many export companies are based in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore Hence marketing is not at all a problem for this product. They collect products directly from the site. The products are having a great demand in the domestic market also. There are many other manufactures engaged in the production of similar products. The demand is very high and usually, the supply cannot ...

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