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Project report for Roofing sheet shop is as follows:

TThe thriving urban construction sector in India, coupled with increasing disposable incomes in rural areas, is moving roofing solutions market to the next generation products. Industry sector is also witnessing a gradual shift towards prefabricated buildings, and is indicating an increased willingness to try contemporary roofing materials that are easy to maintain and long lasting.Census 2011 estimated that traditional roofing materials account for close to 40?ross housing scenario in India. This is largely reflective of the rural landscape which is gradually shifting towards concrete, metal and fibre cement roofing. Concrete roof accounts for 30% of the total roofing demand across the country, followed by metal roofs and fibre cement sheets.Warehousing is a leading demand driver for roofing products in India. Industry sources estimate demand for warehousing to grow at an annual rate of around 9% over the next five years. Growing number of factories, poultry farms, architectural buildings, cold storages and development of special economic zones are other key demand drivers for roofing market with focus on thermal insulation and energy conservation. Indian roofing market was estimated at INR 345 billion in 2013-14. Of the total market RCC accounted for a major share of around 56%. Therefore,  whenever  the  economic  conditions  improve  the  first  choice  of  the  rural  poor  to  replace  the  roof  over  their  head  with  a stable roofing  sheets. The rural spending is going to further be strengthened due to adequate rainfall in current year.

Product / Services & process

The firm focuses on selling different type of roofing sheets . The sheets mainly of aluminium and different colours from different manufactures

Market potential & Strategy

The aspects of metal roofing supporting green compliances were offsite manufacture, recyclable materials and durability. Supported by products like sandwich panels and other insulation add ons, these roofs gained popularity as they emerged as a low maintenance solution, which meant among other things saving on water for washing. Scope for addition of skylights or other low energy lighting solutions like LED catered further for energy bill reduction. At industrial and other suitable sites, accessories louvers and wind driven roof ventilators bring in a fresh breath of air into stuffy work areas that too at near zero operating costs. All these fitted into a wide range of roof pitches and profiles.Roofing industry in India is preparing for the next generation of ambitious projects. Growth in the infrastructure and industrial segment has been a major demand driver for roof and wall cladding industry. It has registered a double digit growth over past three years and the future of this industry is also looking bright considering the low steel penetration and high demand in construction industry. The total market size of steel roofing industry is approximately one million tone. The Indian market has witnessed a major shift from asbestos and galvanized steel sheets to Zn-Al coated sheets. Asbestos consist of carcinogenic material, has low strength and cracks easily. Also, increased corporate and public awareness about climate change has resulted in new initiatives like green building concept and elimination of carcinogenic materials.Moreover, Zn-Al coated sheet provides excellent atmospheric resistance in a wide range of environment under many diverse conditions. The need from the customer is increasing daily, so the market is very much viable.

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