Project report for Rohu fish farming


Project report for Fish farm is as follows:

Fish is the cheapest and most easily digestible animal protein and was obtained from natural sources  from  time  immemorial  for  consumption  by  human  beings.  However,  due  to  over  exploitation  and  pollution,  the  availability  of  fish  in  natural  waters  have  declined  considerably  forcing scientists to adopt various methods to increase its production. Fish farming in controlled or under artificial conditions has become the easier way of increasing the fish production and its availability  for  consumption.  Farmers  can  easily  take  up  fish  culture  in  village  ponds,  tanks  or  any new water body and can improve their financial position substantially. It also creates gainful employment for skilled and unskilled youths. The technology developed for fish culture in which more  than  one  type  of  compatible  fishes  are  cultured  simultaneous  is  the  most  advanced  and  popular  in  the  country.  This  technology  is  known  as  Composite  Fish  Culture.  This  technology  enables  to  get  maximum  fish  production  from  a  pond  or  a  tank  through  utilization  of  available  fish  food  organisms  in  all  the  natural  niches,  supplemented  by  artificial  feeding.  Any  perennial  fresh  water  pond/tank  retaining  water  depth  of  2  metres  can  be  used  for  fish  culture  purpose.  However,  the  minimum  level  should  not  fall  below one metre. Even seasonal ponds can also be utilised for short duration fish culture

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