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The project report for Ready mix concrete is as follows:

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) industry in India is in its early stages with cement consumption of just 2-3 per cent of total production. This is evident from the fact that in the West, the RMC consumes 60 per cent of total cement production. However, since the demand for RMC is expected to grow exponentially, cement manufacturers in India such as Ultratech, ACC, Madras Cements, India Cements, Ambuja Cements, among others, have forayed into the business. As the industry grows, it will make aggregate distribution and production more organized as large players are likely to venture into the aggregates business themselves or have a long-term relationship with commercial aggregate companies. The cement companies are able to leverage the RMC market in a better way since cement is one of the essential ingredients in the manufacture of RMC. Of course, acquiring and operating suitable aggregate quarries in India is a difficult task, but since cement companies possess sufficient experience in limestone quarrying will have technical competency of running such captive operations too. ndia  is  the  2ndlargest  cement  producer  in  the  world.  With  an  annual  production  of  around 248 million tonnes (mnt), it ranks only behind China as shown in Fig1.Per capita cement consumption is 156 kg (2008) as against world average of 396 kg. (2006). Cement   technology   and   production   cost   comparable   with   the   best   in   the   world


Product / Services & process

Ready  Mix  Concrete  (RMC)  is  a  special  material  in  which  the  cement  aggregates  and  other ingredients are weigh-batched at the plant in a central mixer or truck mixer, before delivery to the construction site in a condition ready for placing at the site

Market potential & Strategy

Ready  mix  concrete  has  gained  acceptance  in  Indian  industry  due  to  several  advantages including  quality  control  and  overall  economy.  RMC  plants  are  proliferating,  especially  in urban regions, not only because of the space restrictions around construction site but also due to the realisation of the advantages by engineers and construction industryThe word  ?potential‘ is a much over used phrase when looking at India. As  we  have  seen earlier  the  infrastructure  statistics  are  of  such  mind –boggling  proportions  that  it  could  be said  that  there  is  a  massive  potential  for  the  growth  of  ready  mixed  concrete  industry. However  realising  that  potential  will  take  a  considerabletime  as  companies  come  to  terms with the unique obstacles presented in the Indian market.he only realistic view that the ready mixed concrete industry can take should be based on long term strategy. The main aim has to be the development of the awareness of the product.  Presently  that  level  of  awareness  is  only  present  in  a  few  isolated  pockets  and  this position  is  not  expected  to  change  drastically  in  the  foreseeable  future.  This  is  partly  due  to the fact that there is no real focus for the industry, in that the few players that exist are located in disparate markets and those that exist in the same markets have differing ideological viewsregarding  The  product  and  the  business.

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