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Real estate has proved to be real engine growth. Over the years the real  estate sector in India has emerged as a big engine for econmic growth, as it has been the second largest employer next only to agriculture. It has several linkages for several other sectors and over 250 associated industries. According to the estimates, every rupee being invested in this sector results 78 paisa being added to the GDP. Accordingly, a unit increase in expenditure has a multiplier effect and the capacity to generate income is as high as five times. The sector size is close to 12bn USD and is growing at 30% per annum. Presently, it's contributing 5% of the country's GDP and is expected to rise at rete of 6% per annum.


Scope of the project

The project is located in the main heart of the city, where there is scarcity of land and the demand has no limits. The area is a big commercial hub and offering such a project to the public will pull buyers acordingly.


Product / Services & process

It is a real estate commercial project with proposed of 7 floors (including ground) with a basement parking.



Raw materials / Consumables

Major raw materials required for the project are:

1. Cement: ACC Cements Ltd.

2. Steel rods: Tata Steel.

3. Electrical wiring,lighting and insulations: Havels Group.

4. Transformer: BHEL

5. Other raw materials such as granite chips, sand, marble will be taken as per cheap availibility and price.


Market potential & Strategy

The proposed site is at the main heart of the city. There is a huge scarcity of land at the site and demand has no limits. As part of the Land is already having structures on it and is under a lease, the first step is to build the first two floors and shift them to that place. Besides as the property is already generating a revenue of 9 lacs INR per month, it would also reduce a burden as we build the project.


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