Project report for Pencil manufacturing


Project report for Pencil manufacturing is as follows

A pencil is lead material enclosed in wood or put in metal holder used for drawing or writing. Pencil is a valuable item used by all levels of schools and in all business and government organization. Pencils are made from soft wood and lead. As everybody knows pencils are basic instruments for learning and for many types of office work such as writing, sketching, calculating. Pencil is an item of use almost in every household, office, school, college etc. for writing on paper, making sketches, drawing and such other purposes. Depending on the type of carbon used in them, pencils are categorized as soft medium and hard. Due to smooth and easy handling of pencils it has got a wide application in various fields like copying, sketching, writing etc. Colored pencils are much popular in drawing and paintings. Important factors for the popularity of the pencils are:-Considerable life ,Can be erased , Smooth in copying , Less wear and tear , Availability in almost all the colors. Pencils are used by artists, Engineers, Students of drawing, writing notes, rough works etc. pencils with sticks of different colors are showing a positive demand over ball pen, because of its long durability and economic in price. Day by-day writing papers are becoming dearer. Rough work by ball pen leads in user a wastage of paper whereas due to the unique erasable property of the pencil-writing by rubber, the user can use the same paper several times for rough work and thus can save the excess expenditure over paper

Product / Services & process

Pencil with diferenttype and colours

Market potential & Strategy

India has 1.5 million schools and students above 315 million. India has the largest student population in the world. In this age of digital era writing instruments have not lost their demand and continue to grow every year. Pencils continue to be importantelement in every student’s life. Indian schools have made the use of pencils compulsory till 4th standard. The writing instrument industry in India is estimated at 2600 crores rupees which is huge. This industry continues to grow each year at a healthy rate.encils that are sold mainly in market are made of wood and some are found with paper and polymer. The writing instruments market in India is a very lucrative market for various brands worldwide simply because of its sheer size. This market is estimated at 1600 to 2400 mn pieces a year and Rs 22 bn in value. A number of Indian as well as International players are in the race to tap this market to the fullest. This paper is the result of a through field study done over a period of 11 months. Most of the data in this paper comes from primary sources that include consumer surveys, retail surveys, lab experiments and expert opinions. The research Methodology is detailed in subsequent chapters.

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