Project report for Panty manufacturing


The project report for briefs,panties & bra manufacturing is as follows:This  profile is for the setting up of unit for the manufacture of cotton undergarments such as vests, briefs and panties. Knitted undergarments are used and liked by the people because of its good drapability, stretchability, softness and absorbency of sweat characteristics. In this report, guidelines for setting up of unit for the manufacture of gents briefs, vests, ladies panties are given. Machinery and raw material required to set up this industry are indigenously available.Indian Fashion Retail which is ...

Product / Services & process

The manufacturing process involves the following steps : 1. Procurement of Knitted Fabric Dyed/bleached cotton knitted fabrics are to be procured from the open  market. The fabric will be inspected by laying the fabric on the inspection table against light before cutting so that unevenness in colour/shades or any other fault if any visible in the fabric can be eliminated.2. Cutting and Stitching The inspected fabric is placed on the cutting table in layers and then the different parts of the respective garments are demarked by a chalk as per different sizes. Cutting of fabric layer is ...

Market potential & Strategy

The innerwear category, currently estimated to be worth Rs 28,981 crore, accounts for 10 percent of the total apparel market in 2019. It is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 12 percent over the next decade to reach Rs 56,364 crore by 2027.Hosiery industry is an ancient industry in the field of textile industry having very good potential in domestic market and also in the export market. There is increasing market demand for hosiery undergarments for its various advantages. Cotton undergarments are widely used by all classes of people because of its good absorbency, cheaper prices and ...

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