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Over the last few years, India has been experiencing a major growth in paint sales. Increasing levels of income, education and increasing urbanization has helped the paint market to grow considerably. In addition to this, usage of enamel and emulsion paints over traditional white wash, increasing penetration in the rural market and digitalization are also driving the paint industry.  The Indian paint market is expected to grow with over 75000 crore in terms of value for period of FY 2017-18 to FY 2022-23, on account of change in lifestyle, urbanization, and increase level of education, high margin on paint. Overall the paint market is segmented into Organised market and Unorganised market. Major drivers of the paint market are changing customer needs, growth of automobile and infrastructure sector, entry of various Indian and international brands and easy availability of financing options. Along with growth factors there are challenges too such as seasonal demand and competition from unorganised players. Some other restraints are inventory management at dealer level.

Due to the high displosible income of the people, the paint industry is growing sgnificantly and also the variying products in the industry helps the customer to adapt to the changing environmental issues in Kerala. The paints like reducing heat, waterproof etc ate highly acceptable. At th same time the bombarding marketing activities by the paint manufacturers help the user to create the prouct brand name in there mind and that helps the customer in persuading to buy the product.

Product / Services & process

 All varieties of colours and some additional stocks for the colour preferences of the people in town  Emulsion is a quick drying, water-based paint, and offers a rich, matte finish ,Enamel is usually applied to busy areas like passages, kitchens etc. since it is easy to clean, This is more expensive than enamel, and provides a smooth, pearl-like finish,Texture paint is used for ‘show walls’& Cement paint is used as an exterior paint owing to its qualities of preventing water penetration and resilience to heat

Market potential & Strategy

Our customers get a feel that are getting a  professional customer service. Knowledgeable salespeople with paint and design experience will keep customers coming back. In-store paint professionals can help customers choose paint colors and suggest accents. In addition to providing advice with every paint sale, a proficient sales staff can increase each ticket with suggestions for add-ons. Sundries such as brushes, rollers, tape and drop cloths can significantly increase your profits. Customers appreciate the time they save because they don't have to return for those essentials tools.  The housing market plays a key role in paint store sales. Relationships with local paint contractors assure a constant stream of business when new home building takes place. Homeowners selling their houses buy paint to spruce up the house for sale and new buyers come to you for paint and decorating products when they purchase a used home. According to the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association, used home sales and new home construction are two of the biggest factors that drive paint store sales. By providing local advertisement in channels and by providing newspaper inserts, we can attract a large chunk of people.

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