Project report for Packaged drinking water


Project report for   Packaged drinking water manufacturing is as follows :Water  forms  an  essential  part  of  every  human  being.  Since  it  is  a human necessity it makes best sense to do business in.  As a normal human being  requires  an  average  of  2-3  liters  of  water  everyday  and  world population is more than one billion (growing at 2-3% annually) the business opportunity is enormous and the potential is largely untapped.The  bottled  water  industry  is  estimated  to  be  a  whopping `.  1600 crores business.  It has grown at a rate of 38-40% annually over the past four ...

Market potential & Strategy

Earlier  bottled  drinking  water  was  privileged  to  high  class,  foreign tourist  and  highly  health  conscious  people  but  the  present  decade  has witnessed increasing popularity among average consumers, increasing living standards,   disposable   income,education   and   awareness   among   the consumers  domestic  and  foreign  tourist,  sophisticated  business  houses  and offices has increased rapidly the sales of bottled water in recent years.The growing demand for bottled water speaks volumes of the scarcity of clean drinking water and the quality of tap water.  It has become ...

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