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Emphasizing on the mantra of timeless spaces that are designed to make the everyday extraordinary, The firm has made its way within the industry of delivering bespoke turnkey interior designs that are unique, dynamic and infused with passion and creativity. With state of the art facilities, acquired skills, and the ability to transform visions into reality, the company creates highly functional and equally exquisite interior spaces which caters the needs of their clients ranging from corporate to retail and hospitality to residential. The firm has been successful in providing avant garde ...

Scope of the project

There’s a very good reason why India has been earmarked as becoming the world’s third largest construction market by 2030: the sheer volume of building work going on. From tip to toe, new homes, office blocks, essential infrastructure upgrades, and more, are under construction.In residential construction alone, over 11 million homes are expected to be built by 2025.That means the interiors market is expanding at a rapid rate. But not all sectors are created equal; some are growing much faster than others.India’s furniture market is worth around Rs.56000 Cr.– and kitchens, plus associated ...

Product / Services & process

The proposed products of the unit are residential and commericial furniture products. Major products/services are Wardrobes made of wood Modular Kitchens Tables, Chairs Modular Workstations All Kind of wood or steel based furniture for Schools, Offices, Industrial units and Home furniture. The products are, generally made as per orders from customers. Materials used are normal steel, Prelamianted Boards, Particle Board, MDF Board Commercial Plywood, Laminates, Veeneers and Laminate Paper.   PROCESS The raw materials such as steel, Prelamianted Boards, Particle Board, MDF ...

Raw materials / Consumables

The Wood processing industry requires many raw materials, most of which are of processed wood origin. Most of them are of wood made, such as Prelaminated boards, Particle board and commercial plywood products. Stainless steel products are also used as per requirement. In addition to that a number of other materials like emery paper, paints etc are also required. The major raw materials required are: Commercial plywood Particle board MDF Boards Lamiantes Veneers SS handles Hardware Fittings Like hinges, Lock, tray, and accessories. MS Sheet, Pipes and Angles etc. In ...

Plant & Machinery / Equipments

The plant and machinery including tools include welding set, drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting tool, hammer, vice, chisels, furniture etc. Regarding welding sets, both gas welding as well as electrical welding sets are required. For out door works, light weight induction welding machine is also needed. The proposed machines and tools are procured from reputed machinery and tool suppliers with utmost care. The machinery/equipment required are: Sl.No Name of Machine/ Equipment Manufacturer/ Supplier Rate (in Rs.) Quantity Total Amt Remarks ...

Market potential & Strategy

The Indian furniture sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last few years driven by increased investments in infrastructure. The Interior sector, being closely associated with theinfrastructure sectors, is of strategic importance to India’s economy.India on its quest to become a global superpower has made significant strides towards the development of its housing sector. Rapid urbanisation in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. has changed the Indian lifestyle drastically. There is also a noticeable growth in the income ...

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