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 Indian Garment Industry has been rapidly growing for last few years. Exports have been rising as there is an increase in the orders from global buyers. The overall demand of the readymade garments is going up due to the increase in number of the middle class people, who are very keen in their dressing habits. Youngsters are very much eager to follow the trends and fashions. With the change of trends, dress also has to change. Most of the people don’t prefer to wear a dress more than two years even if it is in good condition. It’s our habit to purchase new dress in special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, marriages of relatives and during festivals like Onam, X’mas, Ramsan etc. This project is on production of readymade garments especially churidar of latest fashion which are having great demand in the market. After food and shelter, clothing is the most essential human need. Few years back, we had to depend on tailors to get our dress stitched, but now most of us depend on readymade garments. If we had to wait for the mercy of tailor for days or even weeks, that time, to get the dress stitched, now most of us choose the readymade cloths of any type/size/style/price, which we like and wear it right away. With the advent of online shops, there is no need to go to textile shops either. One can select his/her dress through computer and purchase it online by sitting at home itself. Readymade garments are usually cheaper than tailor made one as material is purchased in bulk quantity.

Product / Services & process

The proposed products of the unit are Readymade Garments. Major products are.

1.Readymade Churidars,Pardha,Abhaya.

Nowadays Churidars are the most common dress of girls and women. Various types of latest materials are available. It ranges from cotton to artificial fabrics. Materials are collected from Bangalore , Mumbai & Gujarat from where latest fashion materials with cheap rate are available.


The raw material is procured from wholesale markets of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashra and Gujarath. After quality checking, with the help of designers, the cloth is cut and then move for stitching. Parts are stitched and finally stitch together to make the finished goods. After the final quality verification, move for packing.

Market potential & Strategy

High economic growth has resulted in higher disposable income in India. This has led to rise in demand for products creating a huge domestic market. The domestic market for apparel and lifestyle products, currently estimated at US$ 85 billion, is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.8 per cent to reach US$ 160 billion by 2025.

In the locality majority of the folk belongs to the middle-income group and their purchasing power is comparatively better with the gulf remittance. Peoples from all economic strata generally wish to wear attractive, quality dress in every special occasion. This unit also aims at customers of all classes, up to the upper middle class people. Youngsters and students are the major focusing area. When the unit gains grounds with the domestic sales, export is also aimed as a distant target.


The promoter has personal contacts with many retail shops, where the products can be displayed and sold. Being an experienced person, the products can be directly sold to the customers who are known to her. Beauty parlors can also be targeted for designer dress of ladies. Bigger shops are also targeted with products of latest designs. No distributors are opted for the initial phase. Direct supply is preferred during this phase.

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