Project report for kurtha


The project report for Ready made churidar manufacturing is as follows:After food and shelter, clothing is the most essential human need. Few years back, we had to depend on tailors to get our dress stitched, but now most of us depend on readymade garments. If we had to wait for the mercy of tailor for days or even weeks, that time, to get the dress stitched, now most of us choose the readymade cloths of any type/size/style/price, which we like and wear it right away. With the advent of online shops, there is no need to go to textile shops either. One can select his/her dress through computer ...

Product / Services & process

The proposed products of the unit are Readymade Garments. Major products are Readymade churidars Churidars are made from various materials such as cotton, terri –cotton, silk, linen etc. according to the market demand. It is made in different sizes . Only fast moving sizes are made in the initial stage. The raw materials are procured from Erode, Coimbathore, Banglore and Gujarath, where the rate is comparatively less. Method of Production: The process includes the following steps: Procurement of Fabric: Dyed/bleached/printed cotton/synthetic fabrics as per demand are to be ...

Raw materials / Consumables

The raw materials required are: Cloths of different materials & lining cloths Zib, hooks Thread Buttons, Decoration materials as frills Packing materials etc.

Plant & Machinery / Equipments

  (ii) Machinery and Equipments Sl. No. Description No. Rate  (In Rs.) Amount (In Rs.) - Inc GST 1 Kaisiman Model 110 Round Knife Cutting Machine 1 4,250 5,015 2 Lipu Cloth Cutting M/c size 8" with 550 Watts 1 13,500 15,930 3 Jack Model JK-F4 D/D Sewing Machine Complete Set 10 15,625 1,75,000 4 Jack Model JK-1377E Electronic Button Stitch Sewing M/c Set. 1 49,107 55,000 5 Jack Model JK-781/782D Button Hole Sewing M.C ...

Market potential & Strategy

High economic growth has resulted in higher disposable income in India. This has led to rise in demand for products creating a huge domestic market. The domestic market for apparel and lifestyle products, currently estimated at US$ 85 billion, is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.8 per cent to reach US$ 160 billion by 2025.India presently has entered the second phase of growth and is witnessing a massive rise in the domestic demand. This is primarily due to the rise in the standard of living caused by the rise in the middle -income groups.In our target market, ...

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