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The grocery business in India is distinctive in many ways, primarily due to the diversity of consumers and the unique distribution models of the retail sector. From mom and pop stores to giant supermarkets to online grocery stores, the grocery business in India operates across channels. However, most of India's grocery business happens through the unorganized sector, which mainly comprises of small stores, also known as kiranas. There are over 12 million small stores in India and account for over 90% share of the Indian F&G market, which is predicted to reach USD 810 Billion by 2020.

Indians have traditionally relied on mom and pop stores for their monthly food & grocery needs. These stores have a personal connection with their customers and are well versed in customer preferences, which in turn enables them to stock locally relevant products. Indians prefer buying their monthly supplies from these local stores for various reasons such as proximity, availability of credit, and the option to return/exchange products.

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The retail shop / online selling point is located at the busy street  and having a prominant location for getting good visibility


Market potential & Strategy

Globally, India is the sixth-largest grocery market and has a humongous potential for growth due to the rising population as well as disposable incomes. The Indian grocery market, which accounts for 69% of India's total retail market, offers plenty of opportunities to retailers. Many retail players have tried tapping into this potential without substantial results. The local kirana is still the epicenter of Indian grocery business with 90% of distribution under its belt. Even as retail giants battle against each other to become the consumer's habit when it comes to buying grocery, the small stores have held their ground.

Grocery is the mother of all categories with its inherent characteristics of high frequency, repeat rates, ability to launch own brands (high margin) and sheer size of the sector. Now a days the presenceof online grocery shops are a challenge.However, the humble kirana store or the neighbourhood grocery store has proved extremely durable and digital-resistant. These stores have not only survived the supermarket or large format retail chains then, and e-commerce now, they are also thriving. A couple of factors keep them evergreen and relevant.One is the ease of access. Two, is their ability to sell the most locally relevant assortment of goods for their customer base. You can’t beat a kirana store’s knowledge of what the local community consumes.It not just the variety of local produce they sell. The kirana shops usually provide free delivery in less than an hour with a handy credit facility for regular customers.Close to 12 million of these small stores dominate India’s grocery retailing. And despite the storied expansion of organised, modern retail and the arrival of e-commerce, kirana stores are the lifeblood of Indian consumption with a 96 per cent share of the grocery retail business. The intimate knowledge of the local consumer community helps them to better utilise the limited store space and turnover goods smartly. They stock only what they need while using the wholesaler as a warehouse.

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