Project report for karpoor


Project report for Camphor-Kapoor tablet manufacturing

India is a vast country and the Indian people follow various religions, speak different languages and follow different customs and traditions. In spite of this diversity, one thing is common among all Indians is they are all deeply religious and practice their religious activities on daily basis. So depending upon their belief, practice method and convenience, almost all the people use any one or two from agarbatti(incense sticks), candles or Kapoor(camphor tablets). This itself speaks volumes of the paramount importance Agarbatti, candles and Kapoor has. Besides, they are also used as air- freshener, and illumination.

Agarbatti and other preparations which operate by burning (candles, Kapoor) Industry is a real employment generator and is capable of providing employment to the weaker sections of both the urban and rural populace. A salient feature of Agarbatti and other preparations which operate by burning(candles, Kapoor) Industry is that the workers can work as part-time. This largely helps them to supplement their recent family income. Agarbatti and other preparations which operate by burning (candles, Kapoor) have become a significant foreign exchange earner because of its demand in overseas markets.

Camphor is a flammable, waxy, and transparent with a pleasant odor, produced from distillation of wood and bark of the camphor tree which is predominantly found in Asia. In addition to its natural origin, camphor can also be produced synthetically from turpentine oil. Globally, rising demand for camphor ointments used for treating chest congestion, growth in food industry owing to growing population, and increasing demand from the pharmaceutical industry are the prime growth drivers of camphor market.

Product / Services & process

Camphor tablets /Kapoor tablets:


1. First of camphor powder is given heat treatment to remove the dampness available in the powder.

2. Treated powder is filled into the hopper of the tablet machine.

3. Tablet machine produces the tablet of specific shape and weight. The shape & weight of the tablet will be according to the dies.

4. Five tablets are packed in one wax wrapper.

5. These boxes are packed in the cartoon boxes and dispatched.



Raw materials / Consumables

Camphor tablets:

1. camphor premix powder

2. plastic boxes

3. carton boxes

All the raw materials are easily available from local sources. No scarce or controlled raw materials are required for the unit.


Market potential & Strategy

The promoters have years of experience in this field and have business contacts with many direct and indirect distributors of the market. They also know the specifications of export quality products and the way to manufacture it. By providing a good distribution network, the product can be reached to al the shops near the temples. Byproviding god margin to the retailer, easily we can penetrate the market by avoiding the competition.


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