Project report for Kagaz cup


The project report for paper plate & cup manufacturing is as follows:A paper cup is a disposable made out of paper and after lined with plastic or wax prevent liquid from leakage out or soaking by paper. Paper cups are made from renewable resources. The cups should be made from food grade paper which is hygienic in nature. It is capable for holding both hot & cold liquid for longer time. The uses of paper cups have wide range. Give the rapid changes in life style; it is the right time to enter the consumer segment to popularize the home consumption of paper cups. Paper crockery is ...

Market potential & Strategy

Paper crockery is finding extensive usage these days for serving in parties and functions. Paper plates are the most commonly used disposable crockery in India. Paper plates, cups & saucers are made from millboard, grey board, Kraft paper, grease proof paper. Due to their disposable nature and attractive designs in which these are available, paper crockery like cups and plates have to a large extend replaced glass or porcelain crockery for some specific usage. The demand for paper plates is likely to grow substantially in future both in urban as well as rural areas. Paper plates are ...

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