Project report for kagaz carry bag


The project report for paper carry bag manufacturing is as follows:The ban on plastic in the State has turned out to be a boon for manufacturers of paper bags. They have reported a spurt in interest with retailers, hotels and restaurants dominating the enquiries. Paper bags are being seen as the obvious replacement for plastic carry bags.Of late, owing to the increased awareness of biologically non-disposable nature of theplastics bags, the plastic carry bags are being banned in many cities and urban centers.The disposal and recycling of plastic bags have created havoc and a threat to ...

Market potential & Strategy

Paper Bag making business can definitely survive for a very long time as you know that its emergence was only before a few years. So, it’s the right time for you to enter into the market and develop your company. Keeping all the business plans aside, focus on quality of the produced bags. This is the key to bring your company to the center stage of the market. If you compromise on the quality, then the whole process and plan becomes useless. In this article you will learn about how to start paper bags making business, what are the machines required and most important, investment required to ...

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