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 TheProject report for Glass shop is here. The firm is a glass fabrication and retail shop.Glass fabrication work is making glass in to tailor made product to fix at any given location. toughened glass gives the best safety measures when it comes to accidental breakage by scattering like crystals. Toughened glass always eco-friendly when it brakes and the broken pieces can be recycled and can be processed for glass making. Toughened glass plays a very important role in the field of glass work as being a major component and flexibility of toughened glass make it very easy for the glass fabricators to brink any design in the book. Toughened glass is one of the most advanced inventions in the field of infrastructure.

 Toughened glasses are fabricated based on the site location and various dimensions of the location opening. There is various process involved in glass fabrication like location measurement, preparing fabrication drawing, cutting the glass slabs as per glass fabrication drawing prepared, toughening the glass at the temperature of 1700 degree to convert normal glass into strength glass/toughened glass. The installation process involves fixing fabricated glasses at the respective location. Glass fabrication and retail business is a challenging job due to technological shortages in India especially in the trend of fast moving design field and architectural scopes.

Product / Services & process

We offer Toughened Glass widely used in various applications such as windows doors. These toughened glasses are highly appreciated in the national as well as international market due to their properties such as safe and strong, excellent protection from environmental elements like heat, humidity, rain, etc. We fabricate these toughened glasses using supreme. We are retailers of all types of glass such as window glass, showcase, and table glass. Our glass has a unique property of being able to cut off excessive heat from the sun, while allowing for the penetration of natural daylight. This helps reduce spends on energy - both for artificial lighting as well as for space cooling through air-conditioning.


Raw materials / Consumables

The raw materials required for glass febrication works are :

  1. Glass

  2. Plywood

  3. Aldrops

  4. Injes

  5. Tower bolt etc.

All the raw materials required by the unit are available throughout the year. The raw material can also be procured from the nearby districts and from other states. Sufficient stock of raw materials will be ensured for an uninterrupted production. The raw material required by the unit is proposed to be arranged through distributors.


Plant & Machinery / Equipments

The details of plant and machinery are enlisted in the economics of the project. They include Glass Polishing Machine, Compressor, Glass Buffing Machine, Drill Machine, Laptop, Printer etc. The proposed machinery are identified with the utmost care from reputed machinery makers.

Market potential & Strategy

 For delivering superior interior designing, it is very essential to use reliable and durable products. For this,  we are engaged in offering the best glass fabrication services at reasonable prices. Our company also performs quality testing of material procured from leading company that ensures that no inferior. Our experts provide these services as per the details given by the clients, in order to make them immensely satisfied. Fabrication of glasses is done in such a manner that scratches are avoided and process is completed in an efficient manner.

       Marketing is the decision making factor of any enterprise and by knowing this, the promoter has taken all possible ways to market his products and services by canvassing works from builders, contractors and house owners. The small contractors as builders, electricians, plumbers etc. will be canvassed for work orders on commission basis. The promoter will use his wide personal contacts also for grabbing orders. The promoter can easily understand the taste and needs of the customer due to his several years of experience, which will help him in marketing his products and maintain customer satisfaction.

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