Project report for Furniture Unit


The project report for furniture shop is as follows:The    furniture    sector    in    India    makes    a    marginal contribution    to    the    Gross    Domestic    Product    (GDP), representing about 0.5 per cent of the total GDP.  The major part  of  this  industry,  approximately  85  per  cent  is  in  the unorganised sector. Popularity of traditional furniture has strengthened the demand for wood in the manufacturing of furniture in India. Over the past few years, the utilization of wooden goods in home has increased as people have started using wood for furnishing cupboards, ...

Market potential & Strategy

 The Indian furniture market is estimated to be worth US$ 7,922 million. Of this, wooden furniture accounts for  US$  1,358  million.  About  11 percent (US$  152  million) of this (wooden  furniture)  is  imported  and  imports  are growing  at  50  to  60  per  cent  every  year. India  was  the largest furniture importer in the world .A total of 10,  476  importers  shipped  furniture  to  India  during  this period,  mainly  from  Italy,  Germany,  Spain,  China,  Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.The  range  of  indigenous  furniture  available  in  India, includes  both  ...

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