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The project report for Ladies store- Fancy store is as follows:

The size of Indian Cosmetics Industry globally is $ 274 billion, while that of the Indian cosmetic industry is $ 4.6 billion. The current size of the Indian Cosmetic Industry is approx US$ 600 million. Among these fastest growing segment is color cosmetics, accounting for around US$ 60 million of the market. The rising awareness of beauty products, increasing premium on personal grooming, changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles and improved purchasing power among women are expected to boost the industry. The world of fashion is not limited to clothing. It includes end number of items. There is a style for everyone, be it a kid, a young man or woman or an aged person. You will find different products ranging from shoes to belts and one or the other is sure to suit you. If you really want to create your own fashion style you should consider buying the latest accessories available in the market. The market will maintain healthy growth due to rising preference for specialised cosmetic products such as organic, herbal and ayurvedic products. Principal areas that are expected to grow include colour cosmetics, fragrances, specialised skin care and make-up cosmetics .

Scope for artificial jewellery in India is very high - sky is the limit. The new generation in India is not really inclined towards gold jewellery as our earlier generations used to be. Youngsters now-a-days prefer changing jewellery every few months which is not possible with gold jewellery as it is very expensive. Again some of these trendy design can’t really be made in gold or they simply may not look good in the yellow shiny colour. When we talk of fashion accessories the first thing that comes to our mind is jewelry. Different jewelry is there for both men and women. You will find various designs, material and styles suitable for all ages. There are plastic and glass jewelry especially made for the kids and teens because more than often they loose them. So going for an expensive piece of jewelry will be of no use. They like colorful jewelry. You can easily buy them artificial jewelry. However artificial jewelry can look very stylish on anyone if it goes with proper dress.


Product / Services & process

All cosmetic brands, artificial jewelleries, and other fancy items

Market potential & Strategy

High economic growth has resulted in higher disposable income in India. This has led to rise in demand for products creating a huge domestic market.The Indian imitation jewellery market has emerged as one of the rapidly growing business segments of the country. Low cost, innovative designs and rise in fashion among the rural and urban folk compared to original jewellery have made the business particularly popular throughout the country. Indeed, the imitation jewellery market in India is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 20% over the period 2014-2018. Global Costume Jewellery Market size in 2015 was valued at $25,554 million growing at CAGR of 6.9% to reach $40,631 million by 2022. Costume jewelry market has witness increased adoption owing to factors such as increasing prices of gold, silver & other precious gems jewelry, increasing demand for men costume jewellery and availability of wide variety of designs in costume jewellery. India presently has entered the second phase of growth and is witnessing a massive rise in the domestic demand. This is primarily due to the rise in the standard of living caused by the rise in the middle -income groups.

Numerous industrial, educational, commercial, service and financial institutions are located around the unit. Most of the people living around the unit belong to middle class and they have sufficient purchase power. 


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