Project report for Event management


Project report for Event managementThese days, events are held by many industries, charitable organisations, and interest groups to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement. The boom of the event management industry in India began in the 1990s with the opening up of the economy and took off around the beginning of 2002. Since then, it has been growing at a rate of 16% and is poised to grow at 20% during the coming years. The ability of the industry to adapt and grow with innovative technology is driving its exponential growth.As per a report by ...

Product / Services & process

The service offered by the team on conducting and managing various events .Especially Marriages, business functions, get togethers etc.

Market potential & Strategy

 Market potential is mainly determined by evaluating certain elements and prime among them is the market size and location, the intended venture of event management service so the total entire population of the areas fell under the market size for the venture. As the proposed venture is a event management service the main target customers or service are marriages and other events so segmentation based on demography and psychographic is planning to do, demographic segmentation based on age , gender, income and social class are relevant and as per that it shows that huge number of potential ...

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