Project report for Embroidery


The dress is part of our lifestyle, when it comes to ladies, mainly there dress was stitched by buying materials. This project report for stitching tuning / Tailoring unit explains the viability of the project in this locality. As the fashion changes, population increases, the demand for stitching unit will also increase. Prompt delivery and affordable price are the key elements to success here. The sector also created newer avenues for many businesses and entrepreneurs based in the locality. Though there are a lot of stitching units, the demand for another stitching unit is also very high. This profession gives the entrepreneur a decent income and opportunity to provide employment to multiple ladies.

Product / Services & process

We stitch all type of dresses  such as:

1) Shirts

2) Trousers

3) Churidars

4) Blouses

5) Skirts

6) Lining work etc



Market potential & Strategy

An increasing number of women now prefer to work and therefore need formal clothing. Ladies suit offers good look, physical comfort and perfect functionality in office as well as industrial duties. It can also be worn on all outdoor occasions. Also women needed dress according to thier shape.  The best positioning of a tailoring shop is to offer the dress on time and charge very affordable price. Besides local advertisement and paper inserts were very effective

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