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Laundry market’s size in India is estimated at a billion dollars in the organized sector and in the unorganized sector at a whopping 30 billion dollars Time poverty of busy working classes and rising disposable income are factors prompting urban Indians to opt for the laundry services. The days when laundry was considered to be “unorganized” have been put in the past. Nowadays, India sees rapid growth in the organised laundry sector in various parts. Since the lifestyle of people is changing, they are looking for options other than their local dhobis for their clothes. Previously, dry ...

Product / Services & process

The laundry is planning to offer the dry cleaning service to people over the town. This firm stands for quality and commitment to the customers. The firm is working on the principles of quality management and time bound delivery to the customers. The firm is positioned itself as a quality service provider with affordable pricing. The main focus of the firm is the hotels, middle class working group etc.

Market potential & Strategy

Since opening a laundry business in India does not take much training or prior experience in the field, venturing into it is not a difficult task. However, with so many new laundries making their way into the market, the important thing is to uphold your position in the business. Even though customers are easily available and the market is a lucrative one, even a single mistake can cost you your customer to the competition. Also one of the potential areas of problem for your laundry can be covering delivery charges. Often due to a large distance, delivering the laundered clothes to the ...

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