Project report for Computer repairs


 Project report for Computer sales & serviceComputer sales & service is one of the smartest ideas for the computer savvy people. If you have the knowledge and skill of software and hardware of computer and know how to assemble computers, then computer assembling business is a great opportunity to start your own entity and use your skill to grow your business and earn a luxurious livelihood instead of dedicating yourself for someone else’s benefit. Indian computer industry has registered significant growth in recent years.Hardware business or computer assembly business is growing at a ...

Product / Services & process

The products of this unit are assembled computers and its maintanance services. As per the orders of customers, we procure components from branded suppliers and assemble at the unit and install all required softwares and fix it at the premises of the customer. We also supply  all accessories of the computers such as Printers, UPS, Scanners, Camera, Modem, ear phone etc. We offer all post sale services  and also undertake all sorts of maintenance and repair works also.  

Market potential & Strategy

Population of educated youth is growing in India. Quality and methods of education also improves. Computer education is a part of it. More over IT and ITE Industry is much developed in India and extent of internet connectivity is highly improved. 4G has already launged. 5G is expected to launge soon. Hence requirement of computers is increasing rapidly .The Indian Desktop market which is estimated to be worth Rs.10,452 crore, is divided into Commercial market and Consumer market and the Commercial market accounts for 67% of the total sales. All these branded PC manufacturers along with HCL ...

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Our products employ expert systems and artificial intelligence technology to create a Knowledge Base of Business Experts. The software products based upon this Knowledge Base provide an evaluation of business conditions and advise the users about situations in their specific business

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