Project report for Commerce institute


The project report  for accountancy institute is as follows

India Accounting Services Market is expected to witness robust growth by 2022, owing to the rising demand of accounting services to ensure effective management across different businesses. Factors such as growing workforce, government initiatives towards creating more employment avenues and increasing start-up culture have propelled the demand for accounting services for individuals as well as companies. The growing demand for payroll services across various companies to ensure proper management will drive the growth of the market during the forecast period. Moreover, the anticipatory arrival of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is also expected to have a positive impact on the accounting services market as businesses will look towards remodelling their supply chains to take advantage of the new tax structure post-GST. Based on the service type, tax preparation service is expected to dominate the market by 2022 owing to the growing number of new businesses in the country and rising equity markets. Government initiatives such as the introduction of Make in India and efforts towards Digital India to attract investments from foreign countries is expected to drive the growth of the market by 2022. Industry anticipated to see GR over 2016-2021 due to India’s rapid economic development, the proliferation of digital accounting, and changing business regulations. 

 The proposed project is for starting an Accounting and Financial advanced learning and study centre . Through which we are planning to offer various courses of accounting and financial management for aspiring students and job seekers. At the beginning of the venture, we are planning to offer two courses of accountancy of two months duration and they are Basic Accountancy Learning, Advanced Accountancy and financial management course respectively which will help the candidates on the pursuit of a job and profession in the field of accounting and financial management,  our both courses are recognised and certified . The basic course mainly aim for students who completed any branch of degree or plus two and the curriculum will be more based on giving importance on professional orientation, ie the day to day basic accounting knowledge that needed for any business or job. The advanced course will be mainly focused on exploring and learning new accounting techniques and financial management also which will be more preferable for the Bcom students or graduates from any stream including engineering. The proposed study centre is planning to start at Karunagappally which is one of the main commercial and educational hub in Kollam district. The entrepreneur itself is a financial expert who carries immense experience in the field of finance and accounts and along with that an array of professionally qualified teachers will help the students to make the study more interesting and fruitful. The institute is planning to position it as a student-friendly one where the students will have the freedom to choose the time for the study, which includes evening and night classes for the needed one

Product / Services & process

At the initial phase, the firm is planning to offer two courses based on accountancy 



Market potential & Strategy

The market for the accounting courses are increasing as the GST ,accounting careers were increasing rapidly in India and middle east. The growing business  rapidly expanding startup ecosystem helps the people to think about a career in commerce. There comes the scope of the project. 

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