Project report for Cloth carry bag


The project report for Cloth carry bag manufacturing is as follows:

The state governments ban on plastic carry bags, plastic cups, plates, spoons and flex may have hit the manufacturers of these products in the city, but it has generated a huge opportunity for cloth and paper bag manufacturers.With the ban in polyethylene bags below 50 micron in most of the states of India, people are shifting towards the use of non-woven PP bags for carry bag applications. The advantage with non-woven PP bags are, it can be collected easily by rag pickers and can be taken for recycling, which was not the case with polyethylene bags below 50 microns. Littering was the reason behind this ban.




Market potential & Strategy

Of late, owing to the increased awareness of biologically non-disposable nature of theplastics bags, the plastic carry bags are being banned in many cities and urban centers.The disposal and recycling of plastic bags have created havoc and a threat to theenvironment. Suitable solution to come out of this difficulty is to replace, wherever possible, plastic bags with other bio-degradable materials such as paper bags,cottonbags, jute bags etc., considering the necessity to solve this problem there is animmediate demand for cloth carry bags, which can be made in different sizes and thicknesses. The demand is increasing day by day as people are more nature cautious.

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