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The project report for flour mill is as follows:Flour Mills are among the most traditional units.  Taking into consideration the localneeds  and  market  requirement,  flour  mills  can  be  established  at  different  levels  -domestic flour mills, commercial flour mills, bakery/mini flour mills and roller flourmill.  The most useful out of these flour mills is the flour mil on commercial levelsbecause not only can these be established at a lower cost but is versatile as well -since flour can be obtained from it for commercial purposes and it can also take upjob work.Obtaining  flour  from  ...

Product / Services & process

The unit grinds the following :a) Grains such as Wheat, Rice,Ragi etcb) Corrianderc) Masalad) Chillie)Turmeric

Market potential & Strategy

Whole  wheat  flour  is  used in  making  Chapaties,  Puries,  Parotha  and  other roasted cereal based products. Wheat flour or Maida is a basic raw material for making Bread,  Biscuits  Cakes  and  other  bakery  products.    Sooji  /  Rava  is  used  in  many sweetmeat  products.  Bran  separated  on  milling  is  used  as  cattle  feed.  The  products sold under brand names are very few. The concept for branded cereal flour products is now  increasing.  The  big  giants  like  Hindustan  Lever,  NEPC  Agro,  Nirma  etc.  have jumped in to this lucrative industry.

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