Project report for Cement brick


The project report for Cement bricks/ Hollow bricks is as follows:From time immemorial, country burned bricks were in use for the construction of civil structures.  Eventually, production of such bricks almost stopped due to many reasons. Mining of clay, the raw material of these bricks, is restricted by the government on environmental concerns and this was one of such major reasons. High production cost, high labour charge on construction using such small bricks, the introduction of cement building blocks, etc. contributed to the extinction of the clay bricks industry. Naturally, a cheap ...

Product / Services & process

The products proposed to be manufactured are hollow bricks and solid blocks of various dimensions from cement, baby metal chips, and granite powder. the hollow blocks are made with holes in the blocks for making it lightweight and cheaper. Moreover, the hollow blocks have thermal as well as sound proof properties to a certain extent due to the air column within it. Normal size of the blocks are (8" x 4" x 12") and (8" x 6" x 12"). The products have a very good demand in the construction market.MANUFACTURING PROCESSCement concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, ...

Raw materials / Consumables

The raw materials required for manufacture of hollow and solid blocks are: Cement Baby metal and Rock powder/granite dust/sand. Water for mixing All the raw materials required by the unit are available throughout the year. The raw material can also be procured from the nearby districts and from other states. Sufficient stock of raw materials will be ensured for an uninterrupted production. The raw material required by the unit is proposed to be arranged through local distributors.  

Plant & Machinery / Equipments

The details of plant and machinery are enlisted in the fixed capital part of the project. They include: Concrete mixer with/without hooper Hydraulically operated blocks making machine Moulds Trolleys Electric pump etc. The proposed machines and tools are procured from reputed machinery suppliers with the utmost care.  

Market potential & Strategy

India is the second largest brick manufacturer in the world after China. Indian brick industry is almost entirely unorganized and characterized by the presence of a large number of small scale manufacturers which compete with one another at the regional level. Bricks industry in India has recorded considerable growth over the past few years, driven by the growth in infrastructure and construction activities. Moreover, India's rising population, increase in per capita income, improved economic growth, industrialization, and rapid urbanization has augmented the growth prospects of ...

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