Project report for Candle Manufacturng


Project Report for candle manufacturing is as follows:India is a vast country and the Indian people follow various religions, speak different languages and follow different customs and traditions. In spite of this diversity, one thing is common among all Indians is they are all deeply religious and practice their religious activities on a daily basis. So depending upon their belief, practice method and convenience, almost all the people use any one or two from agarbatti(incense sticks), candles or Kapoor(camphor tablets). Candle making is an art. A skilled candle maker makes beautiful designs ...

Scope of the project

Candles are mass consumption items and are widely used for lighting and illumination in household, churches and other religious places, hotels and restaurants etc. the demand for candles is increasing day by day due to its various usage’s. Artistic and decoration candles also have very good potential. Consumers are increasingly purchasing candles for their home decor, and for aromatherapy-like stress reduction and relaxation. The ease of purchase as well as the availability of various type of candles on multiple distribution channels is prompting more and more people to purchase these ...

Product / Services & process

Wax candles (scented)  & Normal candles.Process:Free wick is to be winded in required moulds in the given grews, lubricate the lubricating oil, screw the moulds as per the number given, melt the wax and add color and scent mix it well. Pour the melted wax into the ready moulds, keep the moulds for cooling for about 5-8 minutes, unscrew the plates of the moulds and take out the candles from it and pack it in either number or weight.

Raw materials / Consumables

Wax candles:1. stearic acid2. paraffin wax3. thread4. color5. perfume6. lubricant oil7. designer ribbon8. packing boxes9. shink wrap polyethylene

Market potential & Strategy

Candles  having a huge demand in the domestic market as well as foreign countries, mainly in the USA and European countries. india supply almost 90% of world countries these products. many export companies are based in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore Hence marketing is not at all a problem for this product. They collect products directly from the site. The products are having a great demand in the domestic market also. There are many other manufactures engaged in the production of similar products. The demand is very high and usually, the supply cannot meet the demand.Export Potential ...

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