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Project report for camping - trekking service is as followsHolidaying under a tent have caught the imagination of Indian travellers. Be it water-fall rappelling, trekking or river-rafting, experts say the last 24 months has seen market share of this segment of backpackers rise by 60% year-on year, as they increasingly choose to pitch tents.This segment of people holidaying at camp-sites is growing fast and in the last 24 months its market share has increased by a huge 60% year-on-year.The most sought after camp/tent accommodation as per the portal are the Jungle Lodges.Most options for ...

Market potential & Strategy

The camping business in India is estimated to be an at least Rs 1,000 crore market. “We are targeting one lakh camp nights this year and expect to pick up 10% of the overall camping business in India. As per the Sandler research paper in 2016 on the global adventure tourism market, in 2015, the industry generated a revenue of $7.88 trillion. This analysis forecast the global adventure tourism market to grow at a CAGR of approximately 46 percent during the period 2016-2020.Compared to the previous fiscal, the company is logging a 100 percent growth in 2016-17, earning revenues of Rs 45 lakh. ...

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