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The firm focus on civil contract work. The company is focusing on providing reliable works to people with a specialised skill set and also taking civil work with utmost satisfaction. The track record of the company is promising and improving the business year on year. As the civil contract work is improving based on the development of the nation, the work of the firm is also improving exponentially. At the same time once more employment is created, there need more skilled and semi-skilled people and this firm has identified the potentials of people and finding the right talents and providing their service.

The Staffing Industry includes companies which list employment vacancies, place applicants in employment, supply temporary workforce and all other employment-related services. Market size of the Indian staffing industry was INR 26,650 crore in 2018 and is growing between 10-15% year on year. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, there are at present 1.3 million temporary workers in the organised sector, which is likely to increase to 9 million workers in the next 10 years. So these all data shows the potential of manpower recruitment industry and alt the same time construction industry is also increasing exponentially.

Market potential & Strategy

The civil contract work is mainly based on the relationship with beurocrats and  the quality of the past work

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